Russia offers Ukrainians its passports by simplified procedure

Author : Arsen Avakov

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If, after three years of war, deaths and lies brought by Russia to Ukrainians, there is still that simpleton, and he wants to reunite with "Mother Russia" - let him do it!
23:14, 1 August 2017

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Russia announced a simplified procedure of obtaining citizenship for Ukrainians born in the USSR. Rubbing their hands, the Kremlin employees cannot get enough of their next hybrid fiction... That's when Ukrainian people will massively obtain Russian passports, and then, you see, there will not be Ukrainians - all Soviet Russian citizens ...

Yes, but that's the question: why, for God’s sake even a poorly educated, overwhelmed by the Russian TV propaganda man should enter into Russian citizenship and take Russian passport?

Maybe he will earn more money, pay fewer taxes, and have the higher quality of life? If you do not live in the Russia TV screen, the answer is no. No way.

Maybe he’ll receive more liberal freedoms? I’d better keep silence about this ...

Maybe Russian passport is more visa-free than our Ukrainian? Perhaps, after receiving the red Russian passport in Crimea, its inhabitants began to live like the bourgeois of the French Riviera, who sell all services to the crowds of vacationers on high prices? Maybe a two-headed eagle on a red passport will save Russian business from sanctions? Maybe education for children in Kursk, Belgorod regions is much better than in Kharkiv?

And I bring here all these different questions from different spheres... So be it! If, after three years of war, deaths and lies brought by Russia to Ukrainians, there is still that simpleton, even if he does not speak the language of Slobozhansky Ukrainian surzhik, but pure linguistic Russian, and he wants to reunite with "Mother Russia" - let him do it! Urgently let him take his Russian passport! Just our Ukrainian citizenship should not be compatible with this kind of act. No way.

We have a lot of shortcomings in the country. And authorities are often bad, and we are ashamed for a lot of things, and a bunch of everything unfinished. But after all, we have done quite a lot; and results will be very soon...

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We do everything together, swearing and arguing, braking and creating ... And with all our problems, looking back over the past three years, there is something to say about, and - I'm not afraid of these words - there is something to be proud of! And this is in times of the war with Russian Empire, which has the audacity to offer our citizens a simplified Russian citizenship now...

Most of us find it hard to assess how our country is changing now. In such a short historical period, it is difficult to realize, reflecting on today's challenges, on changing presidencies and governments. But the most skeptic and critic will still have time for the truth. And even the skeptics will not regret the lost citizen, rushing to the Russian passport ..

So let them go, those who want to go. I would even say let them get out!

* * *
There’s also a storm of emotions in connection with Saakashvili, and topics of the passports and citizenship in recent years. There is a formal overtone, there are political interpretations.

I will be happy if Saakashvili, having collected all the formal legal arguments in court, will prove his legitimacy in possession of the Ukrainian passport, having debunked all claims.

And it's not that I like him, no, it's just beautiful and right when this democratic legal institution of appeals will work. Regardless of who likes whom and who has the right political views and goals. And yet - I like that people would struggle for an honor to have Ukrainian citizenship! It is right.

What we need to do? I am sure that in the fall with the beginning of the work of the parliament, it is necessary to immediately make adjustments to the Ukrainian legislation - more distinctly, firmly and explicitly, registering the procedures for granting and depriving citizenship, the unshakable rights of Ukrainian citizens - regardless of someone’s will either in Ukraine or abroad. So that there will not be any incidents with Saakashvili, or rubbing hands of Kremlin dreamers, waving red crusts passports of our documents with a trident!

Being a citizen of Ukraine is an honor!

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