Real-time broadcast is a total force majeure - journalist

Author : Mykola Murskyj

Source : 112 Ukraine

Journalist Violetta Trykova on political journalism in Ukraine
20:57, 28 July 2016

112 Agency

Violetta, tell us, what was your first real-time broadcast? Do you remember your feelings?

I felt like an astronauts in a spaceship: the team is ready, and 10, 9, 8, 7... Whole my life came to my mind during this 10 seconds.  And then my first words, I called my name and everything went good.

How do you prepare for the air?

Today it is already an established system. Before we start, we define the main topics of the day, choose the speakers, the guest editors.

Do you often face the force majeure?

Of course. I think real-time broadcast is a total force majeure. The most banal situation is when the guest does not come. Or he is late. Especially when it turns suddenly, and the program has already began.  

How many people are working on "the evening prime?"

The editor’s board is quite small: up to 10 people are involved in preparing the program. In general, the channel has 18.5 hours of live broadcast. Therefore, the work is very stressful, not everyone can handle it. Those who can deal with it are true fans.

How all this workflow affects your personal life?

When I go to my parent’s place, they want to talk about politics, and after seven days in the studio I prefer to stay relaxed. They just do not understand me. Sometimes I ask my friends: "Have you watched the today’s scandal with Mustafa Nayem and Golubov?" They say: "And who is Mustafa Nayem?"  I am shocked. In my fictional world everyone is watching 112 channel and know all the news.

What was your first impression of the Verkhovna Rada?

Work of Verkhovna Rada is very slow. You are full of energy, you are ready to work hard. But the atmosphere is so languid that you just cannot work in this "swamp."

Should be the society interested in politics?

In 2014, just after the Maidan, I went to Europe for a few days. I was convinced that everyone has heard about Ukraine, everyone knows that we have a war with Russia, and so on ... but I was wrong. I had a short talk with a taxi driver in Vienna, who has not heard of Ukraine, and also he did not know the name of their own prime minister. Then I thought, if people do not talk about politics, so they are good.

Political literacy, I think, is very important. Do you educate your audience?

It is a dilemma. The problem is that each Ukrainian thinks he deserves to be a prime minister or a president, and he would definitely know how to save the country. But when it comes to open list voting, he does not know what it means. And this is the main problem. People do not even try to understand.

What can you say about the level of political journalism?

I like the current trends. We try to take the experience of the Americans and Europeans. We often say journalists are the fourth power, but in fact, when you compare Ukrainian journalists and American ones, you would feel that in the US the journalists are the fourth power. Correspondent would behave as if he is questioning the MP. Ukrainian politicians behave like rock stars, not like the people’s servants. And this Soviet habit to make a bow when you see the party leader…

Do the politicians say something in private conversations and then keep silent on the issue on the air?

In private conversation, a politician usually shares his fair opinion. But when the program starts, he might say something completely different. And understand it. Everything that did not sound on the air, is a private thing of the interviewer.  Sometimes you might give the leading questions to make the interviewer unveil interesting details in public. It is a shell game.

What is the most important task of the political journalism?

Two years ago, all political journalists were trying to make our country better. Now the initial romanticism and exuberance has passed. And the purpose is very simple. First, you help people to learn a little more facts about an issue, understand a little more about it, and then they might change their views on certain events. It is important to feel that you bring some hope. This is probably the point.

Can you describe your job in three words?

Speed, truth, people. 

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