Real decommunization: Why Ukraine should cancel moratorium on sale of land as soon as possible?

Author : Serhiy Fursa

Source : 112 Ukraine

Why is it so important to cancel the moratorium and launch a full-fledged transparent land market? Not only because it will attract billions of investments. The key is the recognition of the fact that Ukraine is a free country.
22:47, 12 September 2018

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The Constitutional Court has a second chance to prove that it is a necessary institution for the country. A group of deputies (69 people) once again filed a lawsuit claiming that the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land violates the rights of people. In principle, the fact that a person cannot use his property is obvious. As it is obvious, this is a violation of the Constitution. Yes, this is logical. Let's see if the Constitutional Court is using logic. And if it will be able to show that we have a new Constitutional Court now, and not the former one who made decisions profitable for Kuchma and increased Yanukovych's powers and decided that the cameras on the roads are a violation of rights. Moreover, now there is a document of the European Court of Human Rights, which unequivocally decided that a moratorium is a violation of the rights of a person. And making another decision for the Ukrainian Constitutional Court will now be simply embarrassing.

Why is it so important to cancel the moratorium and launch a full-fledged transparent land market? Not only because it will attract billions of investments to the country. Not only because it will clean up corruption regarding the same billions of dollars. Not only because it will provide additional GDP growth, and hence, the incomes of the population, including pensioners. Not only because the villagers will receive more money as a result (both if they rent the land, and if they decide to sell it). And not only because farmers will finally get access to bank loans, they will be able to give land as collateral. The key is the recognition of the fact that Ukraine is a free country. Recognition of the fact that Ukraine received victory over the communist rule, and we finally respect the right of ownership. And this is what distinguishes any successful country from a loser country. This is a heavy legacy of the Bolsheviks, who destroyed the system of social order in the heads of people, introducing instead their moral monster and mutant. This means  decommunization in minds.

The real decommunization means not renaming of the streets. Although, of course, the street of the Soviet Chekist could be renamed by the American hero-senator. But the real decommunization is to remove communism from our economy, remove its metastasis from Ukrainian society. In Ukraine there has always been a land market. Before the arrival of the Communists. Ukrainian peasants could sell and buy land. It was as natural as now to open a deposit in the bank. Until 1918, Ukraine had a land market. And there were successful peasants, those who were later called kulaks, and we would now call them farmers. And now there is no market. In Ukraine there is no land market - along with Zimbabwe, Venezuela, North Korea and Tajikistan. What a shameful company for us.

The Communists wanted to control a person. Communists were most afraid of free people. Therefore, they took the land from the peasants, depriving them of their freedom. In fact, with the arrival of the Communists in Ukraine, the serfdom returned, because people were stripped of both land and the right to leave somewhere, simply depriving them of their passports. And slavery persists in Ukraine so far. Until now, peasants are not full-fledged owners of their land, they cannot dispose of it. This means that they are deprived of their liberty, because it is private property that gives a person freedom, because it ensures financial independence. Moreover, modern Bolsheviks, populists, even openly admit that they do not want to give freedom to the villager.

If people have ownership of the land, they will be able to sell it and leave the village. For them, evil is human freedom. The right of people to decide for themselves what to do. They deny for the peasants the right to dispose of their property themselves, devising a thousand and one excuses. As if the peasants are small children, and they cannot be given the right to make independent decisions. But the essence is always the same - this is the preservation of slavery. Modern slavery, when they tie people to their place of residence and doomed to poverty.

Yes, there are no more Bolsheviks. And there are almost no Communists either. But their actions are alive. And when others benefit from the ban on the land market - agroholdings, corrupt officials and populists, they all parasitize on the legacy of the Communists. And they want to keep it, this rudimentary thing, as long as possible. And every year in parliament there are hundreds of deputies who are ready to prolong the moratorium to extend the legacy of the Communists. Let's see how many of them will appear this time. And how those who repeatedly leave Ukraine in the Soviet past will prove their patriotism. Just another test for our deputies.

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