Putin's war and the silence of Trump

Author : Andrey Piontkovskiy

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What Russian establishment was so fond of Donald Trump during the presidential election campaign in the US?
23:17, 13 December 2016

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Russian establishment adores Donald Trump. The man who promised to increase in US military expenditure, to remove Obama's restrictions on oil and gas production in the United States that will bring down world energy prices, Reaganist by his economic views.

Probably because he was sincerely and convincingly repeating a favorite myth of the Kremlin propaganda for many years diligently and unsuccessfully suggestible its Western public opinion! Two actual Kremlin agents, Paul Manafort and Paige Carter. Trump, worked closely with Trump. Few days ago Trump routinely announced in an interview with Wall Street Journal: "Islamic State" is the most dangerous enemy of the West, and Putin is struggling against it, therefore, you must discard all non-essential differences that separate us from Putin's Russia, and focus a joint struggle against the common enemy."

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This is quite popular in the West, a monstrous pack of lies and some naivety and stupidity of others. There is plenty of evidence of the Kremlin's strategic cooperation and the "Islamic state", a conscious direction FSB Caucasian fighters in its ranks, the use of terrorism as an instrument of Moscow weakening and destruction of the West. All the more open it becomes cynical blackmail the Kremlin's "diplomacy" of the population and the leadership of Europe and the United States after every large-scale terrorist attack Islamists: remove the sanctions and begin to cooperate with us, otherwise we will continue to blow. Kremlin almost openly offers West a roof from further terrorist attacks, but, of course, on their hard conditions, "new Yalta" and full control of Moscow as a minimum over the whole post-Soviet space.

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Islamic terrorism might be defeated by the physical liquidation of its leaders and adherents to a particular region of the world. If terrorism is not defeated ideologically while in the minds and hearts of the majority of Muslims, the Ummah immediately nominate from among its new fighters even in large quantities. It is known only one case of such a fundamental victory - the expulsion of the Americans allied with the Sunni tribes of "Al-Qaeda" in Iraq in 2007-2008. This failure of the "Al Qaeda" has led to its actual disintegration.

In January and February 2007, it seemed that "Al Qaeda" is on the verge of the historic triumph. After the explosion of a mosque in Samarra, Islamic radicals could plunge Iraq into the abyss of the Sunni-Shia mutual terror that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of civilians. US troops found themselves in an increasingly absurd role between two rival groups of the same hate them fanatics. And here in the United States came to an unexpected luck - one of those who turned over the course of the wars.

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Against "al-Qaeda" unexpectedly appealed to the US the sheikhs of the Sunni tribes of Anbar province, a center of Sunni resistance to the coalition and the main base of "al-Qaeda" in Iraq. And this Islamofascism rejected orthodox Sunnis who had no reason to sympathize with the Americans, remove them from power in the country in which they ruled for decades, dominating the Shiite majority. Having the support of Americans, Sunni self-defense units "Sahwa" drove the militants out of the country, which dramatically reduced the level of violence, and Iraq began to gradually turn into a more or less normal country.

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But even more important were the fundamental lessons taught by the world community. Islamic radicalism, Islamic fascism could be defeated, but only from within Islam itself - Muslims who reject the return of the program in the Middle Ages. Such people in the Islamic world, in fact, the majority, and the European civilization, an integral part of which is the Russian Federation, it is necessary to find a constructive and respectful form of cooperation with them.

Indeed, it was difficult to find a more fertile for the selection of the Islamists in the Muslim world than privileged under Saddam Iraqi Sunni minority, detached from the coalition government. And this sampling rejected the Islamists, they experienced the philosophy and practice of asking for American help. The tragic story of the war in Iraq suddenly put the outlook and very important experiment. His lessons were very encouraging.

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These valuable lessons of Iraq were not just loose and unlearned, but deliberately discarded the new US administration as not meeting its ideological assumptions. After receiving the Nobel Prize in advance of the world, Barack Obama sought to maximize oppose his predecessor. Very significant positive results achieved in the final phase of the Iraq war, were not interested in the president and even unpleasant. Obama ignored the recommendations of military and civilian experts, offer to leave Iraq in a symbolic (several thousand), the number of military personnel to liaise with the Sunni troops and providing them political support. George W. Bush sent troops to Iraq, but Obama as a consistent anti-Bush Americans had to withdraw from that country to the last soldier.

"Sahwa" units were disbanded Shiite government of Nouri al-Maliki in 2011. Baghdad security forces dismantled several prominent former warlords, including Khamis Abu Risha, brother of Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, the founder of the "Sahwa", who was killed by terrorists of "al-Qaeda" in September 2007. And there was something that was bound to happen: as protectors of the Sunnis in their territory reappeared jihadists, now in a new guise - militant "Islamic state." Deprived of any political, military and economic support of the Sunni tribes, allies of the Americans in the final phase of the Iraq war, were forced to come to terms with the terrorists both in their only real defense against tyranny of the Shiite government in Baghdad.

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Medieval ideology and practice of jihad itself not only finds no mass support in the Sunni environment, but actively rejected it. Jihadists may find in it a breeding ground and recruits only if the Sunni community is in dire straits under the blows of the Shiite radicals. Understanding this fact is necessary to develop an effective strategy for the fight against Islamic terrorism. Today, the dynamics of a thousand years of religious war within Islam is the main driver of Islamic terror, rather than endlessly discussed "progressive public" anti-Semitic bias "crime of the Israeli military."

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However, the thesis of crafty Russian propaganda prevailed, which was happily swallowed by the Western public opinion: you cannot help the opposition; we give power to the jihadists. The thesis was true quite the opposite. It is the indifference of the world community to the destruction of heavily armed Soviet and Russian weapons Alawite sect of the Sunni community in Syria has led to the radicalization of the Sunnis and to increase the influence of internationalist Islamists, who appeared as their only defenders.

Meanwhile, this development was not fatal. With minimal support from outside the secular opposition, united in the "Free Syrian Army", the Sunnis themselves would be expelled from Syria mentally alien to them medieval fanatics. In the summer of 2013, armed clashes with Sunni jihadists became more frequent, because they were trying to impose on the people their barbaric Sharia orders.

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In October 2013, in the article "Godfather of the globe", I warned: "The implementation of the Kerry - Lavrov pact, closing its eyes to all the crimes of the regime for the sake of chimeras" of chemical disarmament ", lead to the most negative scenario Assad to kill tens or hundreds of thousands of people will. destroyed all the social structure of the Sunni community. But even with political cover of Putin and Obama, Assad just physically will not be able to destroy all the Sunni population (14 million people). Those who survived and devoid of the social roots of the Sunni youth will have no choice but to how to fund the ranks of extremist organizations, whose emissaries streamed into Syria. This scenario already began."

The implementation of this catastrophic scenario sharply accelerated after the advent of the Middle East, the Kremlin's war machine. In fact, to this end it there and came. As rightly pointed out Viktor Shenderovich: "We are not the first to support the cannibals We are cannibals and cannibals support." For more than a year, Moscow has consistently physically destroy Syria Western-oriented opposition to the Sunni sect of "legitimate" dictator Assad. To only two subjects remained in Syria: Assad client Kremlin and the Kremlin "Icebreaker-2" - the jihadists used by Moscow as an instrument of pressure on the hated West.

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How to explain this surprising servility before the Americans the Kremlin in Syria? After all, they can not fail to see the obvious facts and do not understand, who is Mr. Putin and what he was doing in Syria. They also have demonstrated the ability to adequately respond to Putin's hybrid aggression in Ukraine and in the Baltic States, but the United States in the Middle East were the victims and hostages of their own mistakes, the reluctance to acknowledge that leads to new surrender. Continuing on the eyes of the world Aleppo tragedy makes this nonsense outgoing US administration in the crime. Moscow announces all opponents of Assad terrorists by giving yourself license to destroy them along with the civilian population than it is openly and defiantly in collaboration with Assad and terrorists "Hezbollah" and Iranian "Revolutionary Guards" is engaged. Eternal "negotiations" between Kerry and Lavrov actually sanctify this genocide, tying American blood and joint war crimes.

Cynical mockery of hundreds of thousands of Syrians killed by Assad and his allies and patrons, sounded "farewell" Obama's speech about his achievements in the fight against terrorism. He did not recognize any of its mistakes and again blamed for all the ills of his predecessor, who left the White House eight years ago. But if it was only to Obama! Silence Trump no less eloquent than the babble of Kerry and Obama. Since 8 November Trump never uttered the words "Aleppo" or "Syria". During the election campaign, he repeatedly spoke favorably about the activities in Syria, not only Putin, but also such a fighter against terrorism, Assad.

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Since then, in its environment there are many new people. Is Trump still believes that "to defeat" Islamic state "we need Russian"? They explained to him, that is not "Russian" kleptocrats, entrenched in the Kremlin, the United States needs to win over the "Islamic state", this extremely useful tool for the Kremlin in its hybrid war with the West? US to defeat the jihadists needed Iraqi Sunnis, who saved them in 2007 and 2008 by the infamous final of the Iraq war, expelled "Al-Qaeda" and needed at least minimal support. US to defeat the jihadists needed Syrian Sunni rebels against the Assad dictatorship executioner, which Obama has promised to protect at least the chemical attacks "legitimate" government. And those and others were brought to the US administration.

The military structure of the "Islamic state" can be defeated in Mosul and Raqqa, but the jihadists under a different brand for the third time to come to Iraq and Syria, if the Sunni population will be forced to accept them as their defenders against the Shiite majority in Iraq and Assad and Putin in Syria . As they returned to Iraq after the failure of "Al-Qaeda". Islamic terror will receive a new breath, a new mass base of support and a new generation of terrorists.


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Washington apparently did not know what they do. But in Moscow all understand perfectly. It is to such a configuration, and seeks the Kremlin. Yes, the organization is the successor of "Al Qaeda" and "Islamic state" and inspired by its local fanatics will be able to carry out terrorist acts in Russia. But it is quite satisfied with KGB rulers of Russia: after each terrorist attack their power from 1999 to swell by leaps and bounds.

To fight against Islamic terrorism has become at least relatively successful, two principles should be the basis for the new US administration's policy in the Middle East. Firstly, mechanisms should be designed to ensure the safety of the Sunni majority in Syria and the Sunni minority in Iraq. Secondly, it should be completely excluded from the political vocabulary the phrase "together with Putin, the fight against terrorism." Washington must finally understand once and for all, that Putin is not fighting with the US against Islamic terrorism. Putin is a hybrid-out war against the West, against the United States, using all available resources and tools. And one of the most effective tools - the manipulation of Islamic terrorism.

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