Putin's "political engineer" Vaino and the mysterious device "Nooscope"

Author : Vitaliy Portnikov

Source : 112 Ukraine

The story of the Russian “Nooscope” confirms that there is no difference between Putin, Ivanov, Patrushev and Hitler, Himmler or Kaltenbrunner
23:36, 18 August 2016

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"The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin" was one of the iconic science fiction novels of the Soviet Union. It describes invention of the mechanism that destroy military ships on the horizon, and those of less power can only injure people and cut electric cables on walls of rooms. The temptation to create the all-powerful instrument to conquer the world and establish dominance over the United States has appeared before World War II. The novel had survived Stalin's time, then it was filmed in the Soviet Union, and then it became a symbol of an absolute power.

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The fate of the hyperboloid does not leave the Russian officials in peace. Perhaps if Anton Vaino (Russian a former diplomat and deputy chief of staff, was elevated by Putin after he removed Sergei Ivanov) was not appointed head of Putin's administration, no one would ever learned about his idea to create a powerful “Nooscope,” a device that can move things in time and space. No one even know about this “scientific enthusiasm” of a modest official from Putin’s administration. Some journalists have even compared Vaino’s works with the novels of Russian iconic writer Victor Pelevin. But Pelevin has nothing to do with the ideas of Anton Vaino.

The new head of the Russian presidential administration is the spitting image of engineer Garin. All his planning about the importance of the army and intelligence, the "superclass" that would determine the future with the help of “Nooscope” seem to be just re-written from Tolstoy’s novel. All these ideas look like the most ordinary fascism. The thought about using a “Nooscope” is fascistic by its nature too.

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Yes, this is a modernized fascism, customized for the scientific and technical progress. Hitler, Mussolini, and other adherents of totalitarian ideologies have also dreamed of elite army and intelligence. Actually, the current Russian leadership has no other choice than to pick out fascism. Putin's inner circle is not satisfied with communism, because it denies the private property, in the name of which KGB has dismantled its own system. Democracy presupposes turnover of the authorities and the transparency of ownership.

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It is clear that now Putin and his people can survive without a mysterious device that became a symbol of political insanity. The story of the Russian “Nooscope” confirms that there is no difference between Putin, Ivanov, Patrushev and Hitler, Himmler or Kaltenbrunner. These people share the same values, they adore the same homeland or Reich. The difference is the time and space.

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