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Author : Maksym Osadchuk

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A few years ago, a Frenchman, who would hear about a possible victory of the far right in national elections, most likely, would have laughed in response
18:55, 2 December 2016

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While social networks fiercely discuss the political biography of 91-year leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the architecture of international relations, one of the characters of which was "Comandante", continues to crumble. Russian annexation of Crimea dealt a decisive blow to the familiar world order. We begin to feel the effects on our own skin. The mechanism of disintegration is started. Will it be possible to maintain the democratic gains of the post-war years globally or society is on the verge of what intellectuals all over the world - from the American sociologist and philosopher Immanuel Wallerstein to Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan - called "new Middle Ages" is dependent on several factors.

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The crisis is so obvious that appeals to emigrate to Mars as part of an ambitious project of colonization, elaborated by Space X director Elon Musk, no longer seem to be eccentric. After the shocking victory of Donald Trump at the presidential election in the United States could be described as "the unthinkable became possible."

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That is how leader of the far-right National Front in France, Marine Le Pen commented on the success of the American billionaire. Marine Le Pen is also going to participate in the upcoming battle for the post of the first person of the Fifth Republic. Presidential rating of daughter of the notorious far-right nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen, now at record high - 29%. This means that if the horizon of French policy in the near future, all of a sudden magically appears in a new strong player Marin soon become president of one of the key states of the united Europe. Is this good or bad for Ukraine? Let's just say, if the pro-Russian position of Trump on the responsible post of "the most powerful man in the world" is only a hypothesis, based on the number of his harsh statements, the Kremlin’s love to Le Pen is more than evident. Characteristically, the leader of the nationalists does not even think to deny it.

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At the beginning of 2016, the treasurer of the National Front Vallerand De Saint-Just spoke to Russian banks asking for a loan in the amount of 27 million euros. Earlier, according to The Times, the French far-right party has already received from the generous hands of Moscow not less than 11 million euros. Of course, not for the beautiful eyes of its leader. The closer the presidential elections, the more confident Marine Le Pen claims of rapprochement with Russia if elected. For example, September 26 she clearly stated on the recognition of Crimea as part of Russia, and the Kremlin's desire to remove the economic sanctions, "which are contrary to the interests of Paris." Unlike Trump, whose position allows to create her own foreign policy relatively independently, Marin as president will have to maneuver between the requirements of European bureaucracy, represented by German Chancellor Merkel and far-reaching promises, before the Kremlin master data. In terms of possible confrontation between the two harsh chairwoman of the largest Western European countries hardly be doubted, who prefer to rely on President Le Pen.

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About the proposed reforms of the National Front in domestic politics we can talk for a long time and with a gasp - a voice which made telling scary stories. Just a make glance through the history of the party and the main theses of the program, which are regularly voiced by "talking heads" of the National front. Xenophobia, populism, and radical nationalism movement led by Marine Le Pen, stand out even in the sad background of a general shift of the political preferences of Europeans sharply to the right. A few years ago, a Frenchman, who would hear about a possible victory of the far right in national elections, most likely, would have laughed in response. However, after remembering what happened to Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine, about Brexit and Trump on the post of the American president, the smile disappears.  

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It is also important to understand why the radical populists, who one by one come to power in Western countries, considered traditional bastions of liberal democracy and realpolitik, are marked by love, or at least "understanding" of Putin's Russia. No, it is not only impregnated with oil and blood money, but without them, of course, nowhere we can go. Authoritarian conservatism mixed on the unlimited power of the elites and the denial of fundamental social progress, or, according to Vladislav Surkov, the Russian "sovereign democracy" is the ideal of political order, which guided the new right-wing leaders in the Western states. Their love for Putin greatly strengthened after Crimean case, to show the world that the good old tricks, half-forgotten order after the last world war, are back in vogue. In this sense, the Rubicon was crossed in the spring of 2014. A chance to stop the creeping archaization of the world politics appears when this error is finally corrected.

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