Putin is no longer the main evil of the EU

Author : Arkadiy Babchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

After the coup attempt commited by a section of Turkish officer corps, the West sees Erdogan as a serious threat
19:34, 18 July 2016

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After the failed Turkish putsch, Putin, who has been the European greatest evil, now became the second dictator, less dangerous one. The new main universal evil appeared at the world arena.

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Of course, Putin is unpredictable and dangerous, but he rules an impoverished country that is demoralized and de-ideologized; it has some pseudo-institutions; the population does not care about its leader and his pretentious rhetorics, his majestic and victorious discourse. This country has lost all the mechanisms that unite the nation. There is no reason to fight against it. Just wait, and it would collapse without your help. Alternatively, it might become a third world state and quietly die in some time.

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Erdogan now is the Fuhrer of the country with the robust economy and united population, half of which supports its leader and follows the ideology, which is turning into fascism and is associated with a crawling third world war. These people really want to reveal the previous historical greatness and repeat the past victories. They are ready to give up their freedoms, rights, and democracy in the name of the leader and some territorial claims. In addition, they have one of the most powerful armies in Europe.

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Probably, now they would deal with their internal enemies, the opposition to be precise. They would crush the democracy. They would put behind the bars or kill the liberals, Westerners, and other supporters of the non-traditional  hostile ideas. They would slowly repress the dissidents and intellectuals. What else... They have already disbanded the judges. They would establish a one-party system, controlled by the Fuhrer. One nation, one state, one sultan.

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And all these things might happen in some ten years. And then? Just look at Putin, Saddam, and Slobodan. "We are great, Sultan and God are with us," they believe.  And such a formula requires entering the foreign markets. Always. Otherwise it is not working.

Maybe later the world historians would put this unfortunate revolution on par with the Reichstag Fire.

The only thing that gives us some hope is that Erdogan is still reasonable and sensible. But even the most reasonable and sensible people become seduced by the absolute power.

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