Pro-Russian Mufti-squealer in occupied Crimea

Author : Serhiy Stelmakh

Source : 112 Ukraine

The head of the Kremlin-controlled Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea and Sevastopol Emirali Ablaev openly sided with the Russian special services
10:39, 20 October 2016

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Emirali Ablaev (in the center)

Previously, Emirali Ablaev refused to recognize instances of oppression of the indigenous people, the facts of illegal searches, detentions and arrests. The last year and a half Mufti was trying to convince the Crimean Tatars that their problems come from Ukraine and the adherents of non-traditional Islam.

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Coordinator of "civil blockade" of the Crimea Lenur Islyamov published copies of documents, from which it followed that Emirali Ablaev reported to Russian security officials on his compatriots. He called them "sectarians" and "terrorists," demanding "take actions." The text sound specific names of people who are supporters of the Mufti said the political party "Hizb ut-Tahrir" or Habashites. To the latter he took representatives of the so-called "Tauride muftiat." He appeared in Crimea in the first months after the annexation. The backbone of the religious association amounted to come from the Spiritual Center of Muslims of Crimea, in force during the years of the Ukrainian authorities on the peninsula. His head Ridwan Veliyev positioned himself as an alternative Mufti, Emirali Ablaeva was very annoyed of this fact.

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In a statement dated July 29 of this year, the Mufti complained that the supporters of "Hizb ut-Tahrir" and "Tauride muftiat" allegedly disrupted the celebrations to mark the completion of the month of Ramadan. Emirali Ablaev ordered a service to mark the Bayram Oraz, June 5; "Habashites" and supporters of the Islamic political party, according to Mufti, attempted to sabotage the process. Supporters of "Hizb ut-Tahrir" allegedly conducted their own prayer, but on the next day.

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In addition, Mr. Ablaev once again complained that the twelve mosques of Crimea were captured by the "extremists." According to him, they are "illegally" using places of worship. This problem has arisen for a long time. Mufti "forgot" to indicate that in the years of the Ukrainian government a number of communities refused to accept an imam appointed by Ablaev. The canons of Islam mosque allow parishioners to choose their own spiritual leader. Those who disagree with Ablaev, were called "extremists," and he requiring the security forces to deal with fellow believers.

His appeal was heard. Crimea is swept by the next wave of searches and unlawful arrest. The victims were Muslims, who are allegedly committed to the ideas of "Hizb ut-Tahrir." Supporters of "Tauride muftiat" are not touched. Most likely, because they show a strongly pro-Russian position. Earlier, lawyer Emil Kurbedinov representing the interests of the arrested Muslims, reported that the defense has documents confirming that Emirali Ablaev " denunciation " on co-religionists.

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It is worth recalling that in the years of the Ukrainian authorities, Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea and personally Mr. Ablaev were part of a system of national self-government of the Crimean Tatars on the peninsula. After the annexation, most of the Kurultai and Mejlis members and delegates refused to cooperate with the new government on its terms. But there were those who completely switched to the side of the Kremlin. Among them was the mufti. The first couple of months after the capture of Crimea, he endured "a theatrical pause." Minimum public speaking, a categorical refusal to talk about politics. Since March 2014, he was in active negotiations with the head of Russian Muftis Council Ravil Gainutdin concerning the inclusion of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea to the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia. In the spring of that year, the Crimean section appeared on the control site. Crimean Tatar community, which has just digested the consequences of the occupation, almost did not notice that the mufti quietly joined the Russian structures.

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It is safe to say that Mr. Ablaev is among the first to betray the interests of his people. Now he has nothing to hide. There are three reasons why he began to openly write denunciations of fellow countrymen and co-religionists. First, the desire to curry favor, to show its utility to the "authorities." Otherwise Ablaev would lose his post. Representatives of "Tauride muftiat" are just waiting for what the mufti stumbles. The second is a banal fear that Russian authorities might start criminal proceedings against him if he does not obey. And the third, the desire to get even with those who are very bothered him before.

Ablaev despicable revenge on those with whom he could not crack during the stay of the Ukrainian authorities on the peninsula. It is known that the mufti tried repeatedly to convince the Republican leadership not to register the autonomous Islamic community. The fact that people are thrown into jails on trumped-up pretexts, and families remain without fathers, does not bother Mr. Ablaev.

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