Poroshenko came to a meeting with journalists, but treated them as voters

Author : Vadym Kolodiychuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

At the same time, the president considers his press conference successful
21:43, 16 May 2017

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You might ask me whether I would have voted for President Poroshenko after his press conference? Yes. And you? While you are weighing the pros and cons, I will add one clarification - if this were the first conversation between Peter Poroshenko as a president and journalists, preferably in his first 100 days of work. The president voiced “correct” position (if focusing on the voter) concerning Donbas war, investigation of the murder of Sheremet, about the US and Russia, the media, and even Eurovision. But this is all provided that I have not lived in this country for the last few years.

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Of course, President has been talking about some things that cannot change even during 3 years. But frankly, this press conference did not add confidence that something would change in the near future. I do not mean a dollar rate equal 8 hryvnia, the end of Donbas war, pension reform, and other policies, on which the current government continues to work. No, I would like to see a result of what should be done. It was promised to me as a citizen and a voter - new police, electronic declarations, as an instrument of purification of power, punishment for corruption of top officials, effective work of the Verkhovna Rada. This list can be continued forever. But if the president has never admitted that something has gone wrong, does this mean that this state of affairs in the state suits him?

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But at the same time, the president can consider his press conference successful - his team was well prepared, and the head of state himself had a good communication with the press. He kept the attention of the public (although the fact of rare opportunity to communicate with the guarantor in this format, of course, helped in this case), the guarantor performed in a dignified and European way, used English words, although used Russisms, joked and generally controlled the situation. He first started talking about the investigation into the murder of journalist Sheremet, without waiting for the question. Petro Poroshenko tried to be sincere and open in the answers, even in matters of personal life and family. But, of course, this sincerity was dosed and controlled.

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But the journalists felt some unpleasant aftertaste after the press conference. The president talked with media representatives for almost 2 hours, and the reporters voiced about dozen questions. But not all of them were answered. However, there were plenty of excuses and disagreements with journalists. Masterful, but sad and depressing.

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And one more thing that surprises me. President’s meeting with the press was timed to the visa-free regime with the EU, then why was it held right now? Why not, let us say, on June 11, when the introduction of liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union is expected? Perhaps this is due to the intense political life in the coming month, right? Then what might we face in the near future? It seems that something should happen this summer, because the next similar event would happen in three months, when the president would address the message to the Verkhovna Rada. And for this he would need another victory, with which he might start his speech. What it will be is an open question.

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