Polish political crisis and three lessons for Ukraine

Author : Oleksandr Koshovyi

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine should look on what would happen to "Right and Justice" party to usurp the power
23:12, 20 July 2017

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This is the best situation to learn a lesson of, I mean populism, which leads to a dictatorship. Obviously, through usurpation of power. What happens when the promises of a bright future are exhausted by the true motives of the political struggle?

Yesterday's speech by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the "Right and Justice" (PiS) in the Sejm of Poland, has violated the procedural procedure and included insulting attacks on his political opponents. It became a subject of concern of Poles, maybe even more than the attempt of the ruling party to usurp power.

This is the first lesson for Ukraine. In parliament, no one can go to the podium at his own discretion and offend anyone. Here it is necessary to pay tribute to the political culture of our neighbors. However, PiS permanently tries to infringe the judicial branch of power in Poland (as well as other public and state institutions), which seems to have caused a hot phase of the long-poorly hidden political crisis.

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And this is the second lesson, when the state institutions become the object of encroachment: it is necessary to alarm immediately and recognize the impending dictatorship in its immature form.

The right, with all its imperfections, is one of the greatest values of both the European Union and the entire civilized community.

The fact that PiS is trying to change the basis of the independence of the judicial system, which is in charge of law enforcement, seems to be an absurd attempt to cut a branch on which the ruling party has comfortably accommodated itself.

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The highlight is that the right to appoint chairmen of courts belongs not just to a representative of the executive branch, but to the Minister of Justice, who is also the Attorney General. The very fact of the formal submission of judicial power to the Prosecutor General is an incredible challenge to the independence of the judiciary. An unprecedented authority even for post-Soviet countries.

Let us notice, that for today the party of Kaczynski has the executive and legislative branches of power under his control, and its representative is the president of Poland.

According to the "Civil Platform", the subordination of the judiciary to the executive bodies places Poland on a par with Belarus and Russia.

When several years ago I was accompanied by an intelligent guide in Krakow, he was very saddened by the fact that the Poles has chosen PiS as a party of a bright future.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, perhaps unwittingly, has made public his motives, which look more like a revenge than his party's program goals.

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It turned out that these motives, no matter how high they are, being dictated by the desire to avenge the death of his brother, are far from politics and democracy.

Returning to Ukraine, I would like to note that this story might happen with us. Local populists would not fail to adopt the Polish (European) experience of appointing judges to administrative posts, and even completely subordinating the judicial system of executive power.

The most important thing, which Ukraine should remember from the Polish political crisis, is ahead. It should look on what will happen to the party of Yaroslav Kaczynski after the epic failures to usurp the power.

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