Pashynsky's case: litmus test for Ukraine's vicious judicial system

Author : Dmytro Spivak

Source : 112 Ukraine

The key trend of modern Ukraine is a political nepotism: your MP id and a gun mean that you are the king of the world
20:27, 5 January 2017

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The key trend of modern Ukraine is a political nepotism. If you are "Pashynsky", and you have MP id and a gun, you are the king of the world. You should not follow the laws. Your 25-years-old son manages international contracts for the supply of weapons in "Ukroboronprom". Genius! This was the purpose of Maidan, right? Wasn’t it? Some are allowed to do everything, while the other are not. "Heroes of the revolution" might do everything. In fact, they might seize someone’s business, exercise raider grabs of the enterprises, and shoot the civilians. The main secret of your success is yelling "Glory to Ukraine" and shouting about Putin's aggression... In parallel, do not forget to cynically get reacher during the war and use every-every opportunity for the sake of material prosperity. All journalists who ask uncomfortable questions, Pashynsky calls his enemies. No, not his personal. The enemies of Ukraine. He is strongly convinced that he is Ukraine. Disgusting and arrogant cheapskate, who believes in his exclusivity. And ordinary people to him are just "rubbish". They do not have protection, and Interior Minister Avakov did not granted them with personal guns.

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The incident with the shooting, during which Pashynsky has wounded a civilian in his leg, became the litmus test for our entire vicious law enforcement and the judicial system. Pashynsky knows that he is untouchable, and therefore behaves arrogantly and self-righteously. However, this is his typical behavior, as in the previous cases he was accused of gross violations of the law.

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Remember the story of the sniper weapon during the Maidan? It could become a very important aspect in the investigation of crimes of that time. But our general prosecutor's office has preferred to hush up and forget everything. Of course, for the sake of peace on earth. For the sake of the coalition and not to "play into the hands of the enemy and not to undermine the boat..." The same thing is happening now. The victim becomes guilty, and omnipotent, untouchable MP Pashynsky escapes from the court again. Although the prison has been waiting for him for a log time. These people are worse than enemies. They are coward, greedy, and cynical. And always ready to serve someone. And yet, all these Pashynsky-like people are modern Shvonders, wearing "Brioni", riding Mercedes, and a contemptuously looking on others.

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Here comes a reasonable question. What should be done to rein in such snickering deputies like Pashynsky? In what way should he be punished, how to make him feel shame and forgiveness? The only way to apply justice for the political representatives of this class of silver-spoon-in-the-mouth type, is publicity and contempt. Yes, public scorn manifestation and public censure will in some sense demonstrate Pashynsky that he is not the king of the world. He is a regular huckster and a thief. With roguish eyes and disgusting manners, childish fears and unfulfilled public recognition. When you look at him, you feel disgust. We should not be afraid of Pashynsky. It is always necessary to demonstrate our disrespect, so he could know that society despises him.

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But the punishment will come to him. Boomerang law works. Sooner or later. This is how the universe works....

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