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Author : Vitaliy Portnikov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Why Russia's Paralympic team is suspended from Games in Rio
13:56, 9 August 2016

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Are Russian Paralympions worse than the Russian Olympians? Are doping indicators in Paralympic team higher than the corresponding figures of Olympians? And if not - why then Russia's Olympic team, albeit in a smaller part, participates in the Games in Rio, and paralympic team is deprived of such an opportunity?

Just because the International Paralympic Committee proved to be more honest than the International Olympic Committee. IPC President Philip Craven said the words that IOC President Thomas Bach had to say. He said that he is sorry for the Russian paralympions but they are "the part of a vicious system."

Philip Craven, IPC president

The head of IPC said that "the anti-doping system in Russia is broken, corrupt and totally compromised" and the Russian Paralympic Committee "is unable to enforce anti-doping program" and "unable to perform out its duties and obligations." This is precisely what became the basis for the decision of the IPC. But these definitions are fully related to the IOC too. That is why the IOC decision on admission of Russian athletes at the Olympics was a real slap in the face to the world sport, a mockery of the Olympic ideals and discreditation of the IOC.

But now, after the decision of the IPC, it became clear that there could be another solution - and no tragedy would have happened. IOC wouldn’t have punished athletes - it would have punished criminal organization called "Russian Federation". And concerning athletes it was necessary simply to express sincere sympathy - many of them are really not guilty that they had to become a part of the criminal system and witnesses of its crimes. Because athletes do not choose their homeland.


Russian officials apparently were waiting for another decision. For them IPC conclusion became the deserved slap in the face and now they hear the fully deserved criticism. Moscow officials are even going to sue the International Paralympic Committee.

Ironically, the main protagonist in this possible process will be president of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin. Yes, the same Lukin, who as a representative of the Russian president was present at the talks of former Ukrainian president Yanukovych and the opposition in the last days of Ukrainian Maidan. And that time he refused to approve the agreement which was reached by the parties under international mediation.

Refusal of Lukin was the signal for the Russian secret service in our country, a prelude to the occupation of Crimea and Donbas - and the new Ukrainian government was also accused of the failure of the agreements reached with the Russian (!) participation.

"РИА Новости"

Vladimir Lukin

Do you know how Mr. Lukin comments the decision of the IPC? "Why Olympic team has been admitted, and we have not? Is it because we are disabled? This is a direct attack against athletes with disabilities "- he says. The fact that Olympic team of Russia has no place in Rio, and the flag of Russia has no place among the flags of the countries which fight against doping, and not create a system of its support – all these facts don’t even come to his mind.

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