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Author : Edward Lucas

Source : 112 Ukraine

Lucas: Any enemy of America, no matter who it was, Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin, becomes the hero of the lefts
17:09, 11 September 2016

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Ronald Reagan rightly dubbed the Soviet Union an evil empire. But the country that deserves this title now is China - host of the G20 summit. China combines ruthless repression of military adventurism and systematic bullying of its smaller neighbors. The world leaders make a move to the Chinese dictators, the silence of the West is simply amazing.

The summit was held in Hangzhou, a city that is justly famous for its beauty. In 1998, a small group of brave dissidents founded the China Democracy Party here. Currently, most of its members are in jail or in exile. And do not hope that someone from the fearful Western leaders would somehow react on the people who so senselessly decided to fight for the Western ideals. None of them would blame China for its crimes. Under President Xi Jinping China suffered worst repressions from the time of the bloodshed in Tiananmen Square, 1989. More than 2.5 thousand dissents were imprisoned or disappeared. Christian churches loyal to the Vatican, especially Roman Catholics, also suffer from outrages. Since July 2015, 300 lawyers and activists who defend human rights have been arrested and subjected to interrogations.

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The rule of law in China is a farce. Tortures and other violations are omnipresent there, and the judiciary is an instrument of the Communist Party.

China is not just a dictatorship and empire that tries to destroy the language, history, and ethnic identity of the oppressed peoples. Uighur-Muslim population of Xinjiang (which calls its previously independent country East Turkestan), the inhabitants of Inner Mongolia and Tibetans - all are feeling the iron grip of Chinese imperialism. In September 2014, Uygur academician Ilham Tohti, who campaigned for a peaceful dialogue, was sentenced to life imprisonment. In July 2015, respected Tibetan monk Tenzin Delek Rinpoche died in jail.

Despite the promises of 1997, China imposes its authoritarianism to Hong Kong. In 2014, communist authorities suppressed peaceful pro-democracy protests. Single lumen of political freedoms in the Chinese Empire is the elections; this year they took place on 4-6 September. However, against the backdrop of kidnappings, intimidation and other interferences, we should not expect that the central government of China and its local henchman "chief of staff" Leun-Chun Ying would tolerate the disagreement. China would not let Taiwanese choose their future.

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The influence of the Chinese Communist Party extends to the West. When Xi Jinping last year came to London, protesters were kept away, and it does not fit in with our tradition of political freedom. When Shao Jiang and two Tibetans tried came to the streets of London with placards in their hands, they were arrested and forbidden to come near to the "victim" of their "harassment." The police refused to explain it on grounds "national security."

You can put forward arguments for the benefits of business relations and economic development over human rights. Western economies with their debts and stagnation cannot be picky.

But surprisingly, the left forces like the German "Left" and the European United Left/Nordic Green Left, British Corbynists, American supporters of Bernie Sanders, and the candidates for president of the Green Party Jill Stein say anything about the ruthless dictatorial regime that occupies and enslaves other countries, pollutes the environment, imprisons dissidents, kidnaps children, and suppresses independent trade unions. They do not even criticize our government for lusting cooperation with the Beijing regime, like they did it during the campaigning against trade with the South African apartheid.

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British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn treats the Chinese dictator more decently than the legitimately elected Western politicians with whom he disagrees. Last year he had a "peaceable and constructive" talks with Xi Jinping. Publication of Morning Star, which has positioned itself as extremely left and communist agency, wrote: "Harassment of dissidents by Xi Jinping is certainly unpleasant ... but opinions must be balanced." The article stated that Britain should remove damage caused to bilateral relations after meeting between Tony Blair and Dalai Lama.

And perhaps the most impressive think is that the self-proclaimed anti-imperialists shy away from the problem of Tibet, as well as Ukraine and other Eastern European states that have suffering from imperialist encroachments of Russia for hundreds of years. Any enemy of America, no matter who it was, Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin, becomes the hero of the lefts.

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Of course, China and Russia are not the only “evil heroes” of G20. It is fair to mention the imperialism, slavery, and dictatorship that stained the history of the West. And now, there are many flaws in their foreign policy (although, unlike China and Russia, the US and its allies at least try to be the world forces of good).

What is really amazing, that the leftists criticize the countries where the protests are legitimate and unpopular government could change the election. Instead of regimes in which the Western left for a few hours, if not minutes, would find themselves behind the bars.

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