Norway, amazing country, or why Ukraine is poor

Author : Andriy Holovachov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukrainian society is a complete opposition to the Norwegian one
13:58, 17 October 2016

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Few people know that Norway is not an EU member. At the same time, Norway is the richest country in Europe! GDP per capita in PPP was $ 68.6 thousand in 2015. For comparison:

Switzerland - 58.6 thousand.

United States - 56 thousand (not an EU member, but for comparison)

Netherlands - 49.6 thousand.

Germany - 46.9 thousand.

Denmark - 45.7 thousand.

France - 41.4 thousand.

Finland - 40.1 thousand.

Italy - 35.7 thousand.

Spain - 33.4 thousand.

Czech Republic - 32.3 thousand.

Ukraine -. 7.9 thousand (would never be an EU member because of its poverty).

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Norwegian on average produces goods and services as much as the average Swiss and Ukrainian combined. Or two Italians. Or nine Ukrainians. What a level of productivity!

As you can see, the gap in living standards between EU Member States and Norway is very impressive. Norway by example more than convincingly demonstrated that in order to ensure a high standard of living is not necessary to become a member of the EU and give up its national currency, the changeover to the euro, and to give up its own monetary policy.

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Moreover, the Norwegians say that it is due to the fact that they have maintained their independence from European bureaucrats, they secured a high standard of living.

Norway has repeatedly tried to drag in the European equivalent of the USSR, it was pressed on all sides by European officials, local lobbyists and corrupted politicians, but Norwegians always spoke "no" on the referendums. And now, when the European Union is coming apart at the seams when the ECB introduced a negative rate in a vain attempt to revive the economy, when the EU is facing a large-scale banking crisis, when in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the youth unemployment rate has reached 50%, when England left, when EU is shaken by waves of refugees, the Norwegians once again convinced of their rightness and farsightedness.

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It is interesting to get acquainted with the arguments of the Norwegians against EU.

  1. Bureaucracy and the gap between voters

The EU seeks to become a kind of super-federtion, consisting of more than 30 countries. According to many, many issues are set common rules, regardless of differences in culture, language, climate, economy, and political traditions. EU Member States are more and more subjected to the inter-ethnic bodies of the Union. Thus, power is removed from those affected by its decisions, that is, from the people. There is a lifeless bureaucratic management, which suppresses its members their instructions, trying to unify everything from cucumbers to space.

  1. Fishery resources

Norway is rich in fishery resources, and it is against the evil practices of the EU to set quotas for each country for fishing. EU is not able to develop legislation that would be beneficial for all EU Member States, but European bureaucrats are trying to do so.

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  1. Gas

Gas is totally regulated by the EU market, and as a member of the EU, Norway would not be longer able to sell gas to Europe under long-term contracts with fixed prices.

  1. Land

Policy of the European Union use of land does not take into account the fact that natural conditions for agriculture are not the same in all European Union countries. EU offers a program of intensive, industrial agriculture, which will lead to the depletion of the earth, increasing pollution, the deterioration of the health status of livestock and increase of danger of epidemics. Membership in the EU will lead to a significant deterioration of agriculture in Norway.

  1. Domestic monetary policy

Norway does not wish to abandon its currency, which gives the opportunity to conduct its own monetary policy (exchange rate issue, the refinancing rate and so on. D.), Which corresponds to the state of the Norwegian economy.

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  1. High unemployment

In Norway, the unemployment rate has always been lower than in the average EU country.

Norway gives the world an example of the behavior of a highly organized nation which is constantly going for a dialogue between the authorities and society on all important issues.

Ukraine is a society, the opposite to the Norwegian one. We do not have a public debate on the Association Agreement with the EU any business, no matter the political or public levels, either at the expert level. No one has seen even the text of the Agreement, there was no dialogue between the authorities and the public on this issue, do not calculate the consequences, not defend our interests. It resulted in the decline in exports to the EU by 15% and the loss of 15 billion exports to Russia and other CIS countries, an unprecedented decline in living standards, the actual bankruptcy of the country and a partial loss of sovereignty. Authorities at all levels refuses of civilized dialogue with the society, they are not interested in the public opinion and do not respect it.

That's how we live.

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