Nobody will deal with corruption for you, you have to do it yourselves

Author : Agnieszka Piasecka

Source : 112 International

Give everybody a decent pay-rise
09:03, 9 December 2015

Vice President of USA visited Ukraine just before the Day of Fight with Corruption and said one main message: “Nobody will deal with corruption for you, you have to do it yourselves”. 

On November 30, after long deliberations new Head of Specialized Anticorruption Prosecution (SAP) required for a fully operational National Anticorruption Bureau (NAB) has finally been appointed. The Prosecutor General has chosen Nazar Kholodnytskiy, a "dark horse" among candidates suggested by the selection commission and Maksym Gryshchuk to be his deputy.

Both are from Lviv. Kholodnytskiy gained experience in creating new institution from blank page by creating Crimea Prosecutor's Office In Exile, and Gryshchuk, although not so strong in the legal knowledge, proven his character by fighting in Donetsk Airport.

It is apparent that Selection Commission first and foremost wanted to block the Shokin's favorite Roman Govda from taking the office. For this they could not vote through Shokin's worst enemy – Kazko who also tried his luck in the competition, but his candidacy would not be “eatable” for the General Prosecutor.

As we can see, Ukraine's way to purify the state and implement reforms is and will be full of more or less rotten compromises now and for a number of coming years.

Nothing changes in 30 minutes. But it is never a reason to stop trying to push things foreward.

Yet, citizens of Ukraine need hope and to keep this hope up they need the changes to be clarified to them. Not by any Ministry of Propaganda (Minstec) but by a set of short understandable printed materials delivered to each mailbox: Where can I report corruption anonymously? Where can I come if a boss requires from me asking people for bribes? What if my doctor or a professor asks for a bribe? This, by the way, applies to all reforms. Simple information. Example of information failure: the new police. Very good pictersque start but people do not understand what competencies they do have, what they can and what they cannot do, and why they still come together with the old police.

And last by not least, give everybody a decent pay-rise. Single person household in Kyiv is several times more costly than an average salary of a teacher, professor, doctor, nurse, policemen etc. Otherwise there will not be a moral strength to resist temptation. 

Agnieszka Piasecka is a project manager at the Open Dialog Foundation, responsible for strategic planning and organization of the reforms support project with focus on lustration and reform of the judiciary. Agnieszka cooperates with USAID FAIR Justice Project, and EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine, among others. She is a member of Reanimation Package of Reforms Judiciary Group and Analyst of Imorevox – a project of Vox Ukraine. Majored in International Relations. Previously -  journalist and columnist in Poland.

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