New Western civilization: time for far-rights

Author : Serhiy Postolovsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Given the weakness of Hollande and the frank dissatisfaction with his policies, we cannot exclude that "Madame Frexit" would win as a president
12:49, 5 December 2016

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The victory of Donald Trump, which caused a real shock in the world, was not an accident or unexpected coincidence. It was the result of a certain amount of factors that for several years have been living in the heart of Western democracy.

The liberal West, which always remember the words of Robespierre, that all men are brothers, at the time did not give proper legal, purely nationalist forces that now have every chance to shape new Europe and new America.

This happened in Germany in the early 1930s, when none of the major political and business is not considered a person of Adolf Hitler to the post of chancellor, but actively playing with him. The political and strategic myopia mankind West then worth at least 54 million dead and 90 million wounded.

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It seems that the lessons of World War II should be remembered forever, so that circumstances would never repeat. But it took 70 years after that terrible war, and West again faced with a similar problem. Among the EU countries and the US politicians parties that are not used to political correctness, equality, and principles of democracy and respect for each other, are gaining more and more popularity.

They seek to destroy regional structures like the European Union to close its national borders of states, restore full relations with Russia, to wage war against Muslims firmly oppose refugees, adhere to their traditional values.

At first broke Brexit evil unexpected political whirlwind through the dismissal of the British government of David Cameron. And a few days after Trump’s victory leader of UK Independence Party, the man whose goal was Brexit, Nigel Farage, photographed with him in the golden elevator.

Analyzing the election program of Trump, conclude that he won only because of the ability to say what they want to hear his voters. Donald Trump has promised to reduce taxes, to expel America from illegal immigrants to return to the US American companies that they give jobs to Americans.

Amid the lack of certainty about success, the movement of the social ladder, anger, generated a sense of injustice, which, according to people is the result of the wrong policy of the government aimed at all, not on its own, such rhetoric is seen as its own, native.

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New ultra talking about his promise to punish others. And it unites, inspires faith, promises change and break the deadlock, where Europe and America led the "soft democracy."

Success of Trump and others like him in Europe is that their populism based on rational arguments and pragmatism. People are lacking clarity. The policy of "exporting democracy" has played a cruel joke with the US Democratic Party. It angered "white Americans." The theory of "open borders" was a ticket on the political Olympus for many far-right in Europe, which would never have reached those peaks, if not mistakes democracy. "White nationalism", "Trumpism" are new terms that will determine the political movement that boldly marching west.

The problem of liberal democracy, or rather - the problem of the citizens, which has this type of political regime is that people hesitate to criticize it.

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Feelings of fear, uncertainty, understanding that democracy is not working as it should work – everything is present, but in order to recognize errors and the need to adjust the course, there is a lack of will.

Take, for example, the situation of refugees. Realizing that an attack on Syria will give dividends in the form of illegal human waves to the EU, Putin used his aircraft to Europe in the streams was fled by uncontrolled and disenfranchised people.

Syria today is a vivid example of action "butterfly effect" when an event in one part of the world has immediate consequences in another. For Putin, the war in Syria is important as part of a hybrid of aggression against Europe, able to radically change the political landscape of the Member States of the European Union.

Describing modern Europe, Peter Foster in his article for the British newspaper The Telegraph in May 2016 said about the reasons for the success of right-wing forces in different EU countries.

Yes, Foster says, "toxic combination longest period of economic stagnation and the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War" as a way of radical populists to power.

And on November 17, Joe Sterling writes for CNN about "white nationalism" and representatives of the dangerous currents are quite groundless hopes for attachment forty-fifth president of America to their wishes and requirements. Other and cannot be, as chief strategist Stephen Bannon Trump is one of them, ever talkative and smart that profess nationalist isolationism and can decisively implement it in life, especially when receiving one of the key positions in the White House.

Weak leaders to generate strong risk dictators. Today this statement is relevant as ever.

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It outlines the future European trends that are soon enough promise to become reality.

Thus, December 4 Italy would hold a referendum on constitutional reform, which aims to strengthen the executive branch. With high probability the current Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi loses the referendum.

This, in turn, would threaten the continued involvement of Italy in the European Monetary Union, and could deprive Renzo power. His likely successor will be less interested in the existence of the European Union and Italy continued stay in the EU.

The following spring, France will elect a new president. Given the weakness of Hollande and the French frank dissatisfaction with his policies, we cannot exclude the likelihood that one of the main favorites of the presidential campaign will be Marine Le Pen, who calls himself "Madame Frexit."

It is worth paying attention to the former Prime Minister of France Francois Fillon, who might become the next French president. And the conclusion is the same: no matter who becomes the next president of France, there is a risk that the person will radically change their state policy towards Russia.

Besides Italy and France, in 2017 the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania.

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Austria will elect a new president and ultra Freedom Party has all the chances to win and Norbert Gopher can become the new president of Austria. In the autumn of next year, expect the election and the Basque Country, which does not cease to demand more autonomy from Spain and money.

Hungary will hold a referendum on the admission of refugees, what definitely will play the leader of the party "Jobbik" Gabor Vona. Regional elections in the Czech Republic can be won by the political power of the Minister of Finance Andrej Babysha "Action of disgruntled citizens."

There is an important question: is Ukraine ready for this new European reality?

Do Ukrainian authorities have something to neutralize potential risks for our country? Is there an alternative scenario of the state policy in view of the fact that next year in Europe may come to power people to be more friendly to Russia than in Ukraine?

Victory of Donald Trump clearly showed a lack of strategic thinking in those officials responsible for foreign and domestic policy of Ukraine.

In order not to remove the negative posts on social networks for those politicians who are our "statesmen," who were yesterday called the clowns, and today these "clowns" decide the future of the new Western civilization.

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