New directions for Russian hybrid war: Ukrainian oligarchs as Kremlin agents

Author : Ilya Yashin

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Analytical survey of Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin highlights the hybrid methods of aggression by which Putin is trying to create chaos in Ukraine and thus hopes to restore his control over the country
23:30, 10 January 2017

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Kremlin has launched a sequential hybrid aggression against Ukraine, which aims to eliminate the sovereignty of this country. This is the main conclusion of a new report of Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin. The document, entitled “Kremlin’s hybrid aggression" will be presented on January 10 in Washington.

On the air of Voice of America Ilya Yashin said that his analytical survey highlights the hybrid methods of aggression by which Putin is trying to create chaos in Ukraine and thus hopes to restore his control over the country.

"Russia and the West somehow got used to the idea that the war in eastern Ukraine is over, peace agreements are more or less operating - sometimes sides attack each other, but overall the situation has stabilized. However, this is not the truth and Ukrainians know it well. Putin continues to do everything in order to regain control over Ukraine, and the main task of the Kremlin regime is to immerse Ukraine into chaos. Against the backdrop of chaos Russia will bring to power loyal politicians ", said Russian opposition politician.

In my report there are listed several methods of hybrid aggression, propaganda, bribing journalists and influential politicians. However, in Ukraine, these methods acquire new forms, said Ilya Yashin.

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"Kremlin's arsenal is largely versatile for the use in different countries. Those methods used against Ukraine, as the bribing of radical politicians, propaganda, creating some provocative information events, were largely used in other countries in Eastern Europe, said Russian opposition politician. - But the peculiarity of the situation in Ukraine links to the surprising match of the interests of local criminal oligarchs who amassed their wealth in times of Yanukovych, who was in his team - and the interests of Kremlin. This to coincidence of interests often leads to the situation when local oligarchs are in fact the agents of Kremlin's influence, using their financial capacity to attack Ukraine and have a strong support from the Kremlin media, Kremlin propaganda. "

One example cited Yashin’s report in support of this thesis - is Ukrainian gas tycoon Oleksandr Onishchenko, who was accused in the multibillion-dollar embezzlement from the state budget.

"Onishchenko has now become a kind of "battering ram” that Russian propaganda is using to attack Ukraine, he became one of the main promoters in the arsenal of Kremlin media", said Ilya Yashin.

Predicting further actions of the Kremlin regarding Ukrainian issue, Yashin suggested that Putin is interested in inciting street protests in Ukraine.

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"Actually, this attempt was last year, when the topic of social instability, increased gas prices for Ukrainian consumers was widely spreaded. And they were defeated. So now, obviously, Russian agents will unfold a new theme, with an eye to the next election,”  he said.

Putin's key task is to lead to power through parliamentary and presidential elections those politicians, who answered the interests of Kremlin, at least in the understanding of Putin, said the politician.

"Although, in my opinion, what Putin are doing  in the former Soviet Union and in Europe in general, greatly affects the national interests of Russia. As a result of Putin's policy everyone is afraid of Russia and in the nearest future in the whole world this country wouldn’t find a single ally "- summed up the Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin.

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