Neither US nor Europe will help Ukraine, we are practically alone, - ex-president Kuchma

Author : Leonid Kuchma

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Leonid Kuchma delivered a speech at the opening of the international forum
22:42, 3 July 2017

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Either four or nine negotiators – peace still wouldn’t be reached

You know, there is a Normandy format, the Minsk protocol. Four representatives of the states that met in Minsk - Merkel, the most active person who protects us, and we should all thank Germany for such a clear position - Hollande, Putin and Poroshenko. I ask you a simple question - tell me, please, why they did not sign this paper, this protocol? Why did not they come out to the press and make a joint statement? To make this position common by 51 percent. It didn’t happen. And who signed the protocol? These people, who did not take part in this discussion at all. Why did not they sign? Because they were not convinced that it could be done, or some party was not interested in doing it.

Let's look at all post-Soviet conflicts. In 1992, a contact group on Nagorno-Karabakh was established in Minsk. Armenia seized 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan. There's a formula of 7 plus 2. And so, where are we on the way to solve this? Something happened? There and Turkey, and Sweden, and Germany to solve the issue. Let's look at the Caucasus, our colleagues from Moldova, and then at the US. Just because today many calls are being made saying "let's change this format, let's add someone else". And so what? Nothing changes because of the amount of members. I again want to say here - it depends only on one person - Putin! Does he want to change something? Do we see anything to prove this today? No. Are there mechanisms for the Europeans to force him to make some positive changes? Trade sanctions - yes, they create some problems for Russia. But, on the other hand, they force Russia to engage in energy-substituting technologies. It is really so. If I cannot buy some things somewhere in the world, in Europe, then I have to think something with my brains. And there are brains in Russia, as we all understand...

... I will give an example on the Budapest Memorandum. The countries of the "nuclear club" signed a guarantee of Ukraine's sovereignty and independence. The president of America, the prime minister of Great Britain, the president of Russia, the president of France, the president of China have signed. What else do we need? Everything that we need is written down there in black and white - that they promise us everything. I want to emphasize once again that the solution of the problem depends not on composition of participants in a certain contact group, but there is simply the principal who is responsible. Today I referred to the UN Security Council. So what? All members of the Security Council raised their hand for Ukraine, one raised against. Today the guarantee system does not work. That's the main thing.

Why we can’t agreed with Russia on Donbas

Do you know what are the main contradictions between us and Russia? We say, let's execute first items on the Normandy protocol and according to the Minsk protocol: let’s declare a complete "silence regime", withdraw Russian troops from there, withdraw all types of heavy weapons, exchange prisoners in "all for all” format. And they say - no, it's all the secondary things, let's hold elections, choose power, and then we will do the rest. Tell me, can you hold elections in the practically occupied territory, when there is at least a forty-thousand grouping of illegal units, when there are so many heavy weapons, more than our army has, when cars and "humanitarian groups" of Russian weapons constantly arrive there, and people the other side do not have any problems with this type of weapons? So once again I say that the world community, first of all the United States, has the opportunity to implement the Budapest protocol and really do what is necessary today for Ukraine to become a truly sovereign state. They have mechanisms, but they still need to have a desire.

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You understand perfectly well when Mrs. Merkel is trying to do something cardinal by herself, everyone grabs her by the hand, including Mr. Schroeder. And where does he work and how much does he earn per year from the largest German firms that work in the Russian market? What is Ukraine for them? They don’t live in Ukraine. There is no Germany, no France, no USA, no one; we are practically all by ourselves. Today there are conflicts everywhere, and everyone looks at the problem from his own tower. Let's look at Syria. They can do nothing. So we, forgive my frank tone, have a very long and difficult road to peace. Because, for example, I am convinced that Russia wants to have another frozen conflict on the territory of Ukraine. But this is worse than situation with Transnistria, because Russia has no border there, and here it has the common border...

Hope for the US, but do something by yourself

... Today we have a hope for the United States. In this situation, indeed, the United States can play a decisive role. Let's hope for this. Should we rely on God? God is far away, and for some reason he does not hear us, unfortunately. And now I will say in addition - why we have never been a state? Today, a lot of people inside our country think that we are not a subject, but an object of international politics. Why there is a war in the country, while we do not have unity and our political elite simply does not exist? But I say "political elite" to unite against this situation. Why? Let's look at the parliament, on politicians - quarrels over quarrels, they only play with the killed people in Donbas. What about our unity? If we won’t find it, nothing will happen. We forgot about the economy, we are falling apart! We do not have a high-tech industry. There is no rocket-space industry, no aviation. Let's ask how the Academy of Sciences is funded and what can we take from there.

We become a raw material appendage. We still have metallurgy, chemistry, agriculture. But there are no high technological processes in Ukraine. Where are we going?

We are all about "great matters”...

We rejoice in free trade with Europe. What do we trade with it? Look at the statistics. Mostly we trade wheat. In addition to agriculture, we have nothing. Quoting is tough. For the first quarter, we have used almost all the quotas. And now you see how the Europeans put us on the knees - "you cut down the forest and bring it to us." Where is any concrete assistance to Ukraine, so that we will could stand on our feet?! If we will be poor in the future, like we are today, no one will need us!

Look at the European press - there is practically no mention of Ukraine. And we are always thinking about "great matters". 90% of improving the situation depends on us. You do not have to walk around the world with an outstretched hand. Today the budget of Ukraine is borrowed by 70%.

If we do not start to deal with our problems, which we have here, if people do not believe in our power, and together we will not pull carts in one direction, not in different; then no forums will help. Nobody will do our job for us.

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