Negotiations of Poroshenko and Orban: With dual citizenship and without autonomy

Author : Dmytro Tuzhansky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Recently Poroshenko and Viktor Orban met in Malta. It was against the backdrop of tensions due to allegations of Budapest on the autonomy of the Hungarians
12:11, 5 April 2017

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Recently Poroshenko and Viktor Orban met in Malta. It was against the backdrop of tensions due to allegations of Budapest on the autonomy of the Hungarians.

The meeting of Poroshenko and Orban gave birth to different comments.

At first glance, it is somewhat alarming, especially given the outcry about recent statements from Budapest - say, the two leaders did not get along. In fact, the meeting of Poroshenko and Viktor Orban and statements on its results are a positive sign.

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First, the two leaders have discussed the most pressing relational issues.

In the interpretation of the press service of Petro Poroshenko, the main question is Hungarian autonomy. Kyiv’s position is that the establishment of territorial autonomy should be avoided. Budapest, in fact, does not insist on it, at least for now. This is the point of convergence. Moreover, as stated in that statement, the press service of the Ukrainian president, Viktor Orban during a meeting in Malta emphasized the inviolability of the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The press service of Viktor Orban interprets that the most acute challenge in relations with Ukraine is the subject of dual citizenship, including the rights to it for ethnic Hungarians. Orban assured that the two leaders reached a compromise on this issue, and it will soon be resolved.

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How it can be a compromise - is not yet clear, because Verkhovna Rada registered presidential bill, which has the opposite purpose - the prohibition of dual citizenship. However, a very important detail: recently, after the public debate in Ukraine, Speaker Andriy Paruby noted that "Poroshenko agreed that the officials, state employees could not have other passports, in addition to Ukrainian, and could get rid of (nationality)".

That is, those who do not work in power, would not be punished for dual citizenship.

Second, official Kyiv and Budapest have not said anything or mutually deniable or diametrically opposite and focused only on various topics of negotiations.

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That is the parties reported on the most profitable things, profitable for Poroshenko and Orban.

Thirdly, the messages of the press services of the two leaders nothing that would have angered the other side. Thus, the official Budapest avoided even formulation of the right to autonomy of Hungarians of Ukraine (any), and the official Kyiv has very clearly said that it is against territorial autonomy (not cultural or political).

Thus we see the continuation of the dialogue between the two countries at the highest level, taking into account mutual interests. This is what was lacking until recently.

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It is obvious that Poroshenko and Orban are pressed not only by national interests but also by the political situation. And it seems that this situation affects the Hungarian prime minister even more than the Ukrainian President.

In a year, Hungary would hold the next parliamentary elections. And Viktor Orban, being at the head of the party "Fidesz," is going to get unconditional victory. The campaign has already started, it is very noticeable.

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Thus, Hungarians abroad mean valuable electorate for the Hungarian premiere in the coming year. Hence, the primary focus of talks with Poroshenko was on dual citizenship and active coverage of the meeting in Malta by the Hungarian media from that angle.

That is why the next day after talking with Petro Poroshenko Viktor Orban met in Budapest with Laszlo Brenzovich - the leader of the Hungarian community of Ukraine and deputy from Block of Petro Poroshenko. The meeting dealt with the right to dual citizenship and not a single word was said about autonomy or even Prytysyansky district. Anyway, the official press service of Viktor Orban did not say.

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Similarly was covered the meeting of Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and Peter Siyyarto in Brussels by the Hungarian media, which also held on Friday, 31 March. Atypical attention by Hungarian media to such "occasional" meetings, especially pro-government ones, is quite an interesting fact.

This does not mean that these "sharp" issues of the Ukrainian-Hungarian relations are removed from the agenda. Rather, they are moved in time. Probably by the Ukrainian elections in 2019.

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