NATO, EU, Russia: where presidential candidates drive Ukraine to?

Author : Viktor Ruzhynsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Here are some quotes that will help you understand the course the candidates in presidential elections might take
14:00, 13 March 2019

NATO, EU, Russia: where presidential candidates drive Ukraine to?
112 Agency

The leaders of the upcoming presidential elections have already been defined. And as the date of elections approach, voters are having more and more questions about different points of the election campaign.

External policy, for example, is a cornerstone for the contemporary president of Ukraine. That is why it attracts a lot of attention, as well as approaches of candidates to this issue.  

These are the quotes taken from the sources that will give you an idea about it.

Volodymyr Zelensky

“Ukraine’s movement to NATO and other defense unities are the guarantee of our security, in which I believe and which should be confirmed by all-Ukraine referendum.”

“We will pose the issue before the guarantors of the Budapest Memorandum and EU partners of support for Ukraine in its striving to end the war, return the occupied territories and make an aggressor reimburse all the caused damage.”

Yulia Tymoshenko

“Ukraine will be in NATO and EU. I am sure of it. And the next president will do it.”

“The task of Ukrainian diplomacy headed by the president is to persist and press for collective measures to force the aggressor to make peace and return Crimea and Donbas. We will achieve the real negotiation process and restoration of peace in accordance with the Budapest Memorandum.”

Petro Poroshenko

“Our mission is an accession to the European Union and NATO. Only the affiliation in the European Union and the Alliance will finally and irreversibly guarantee our Ukrainian state independence and our national security.”

“I insist that the main way of Ukraine should be the accession to the European Union and NATO. I consider it is the key point in my strategy for the next five years and I am deeply concerned that presidential candidates avoid this issue in their programs.”

Anatoliy Hrytsenko

The following quote belongs to Svitlana Zalishchuk, the representative of the campaign office of Anatoliy Hrytsenko and a candidate to the Head of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry:

European and Euro-Atlantic integration is an absolutely undeniable choice of Ukrainians. And to be honest, there’s only one way to overcome our major challenges. The first challenge is security, the second one – rule of law and internal transformation.”

Yuriy Boyko

“Today yet again we witness how the parliament was dragged into the President’s election campaign. Everyone realizes that neither NATO, not the EU shall embrace Ukraine today.”

“Specifically, this also comes to the changes to the Constitution on Ukraine’s focus on the EU and NATO. This is absolutely pre-election PR crap aimed to bring the next controversy in the society. It won’t have any practical consequences, as the EU and NATO do not accept Ukraine, and they gave us their strong signal. Besides, its constitutional entrenchment is a conscious infringement of a rule of regulations of the constitutional law. There’s only one aim for that – power, built up on war, poverty, civil resistance.”

“We now need to seek the ways to recover economic cooperation of Ukraine and Russia. The present authorities offer only military way, and Ukraine needs peace, people need jobs and a decent life. To do that, the government must begin direct negotiations with Russia.”


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