Nasirov is on the hook: Who’s next?

Author : Viktor Nebozhenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Except the Head of Ukraine’s Fiscal Service, there are some other noisy candidates for resignation, who might get into this unmanageable process of combating corruption
10:15, 6 March 2017

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Head of Ukraine’s Fiscal Service Nasirov has not been arrested on his birthday. But that’s not a big deal. By the way, can you imagine how many expensive gifts from grateful businessmen did not reach the owner? But the important thing is that with this event, quite unexpectedly, the process of natural self-cleansing of the authorities started.

This is not a victory of justice. The reason is that the market of corrupt services and bribes has sharply narrowed. There are no enough resources, but the authorities use to steal, like many years before. An attempt to arrest Nasirov will have great consequences for Ukraine's ruling elite. No one expected that Ukrainian authorities would take such chaotic steps. Nasirov is a man who sat in the main financial flows of the country and was suddenly suspected of embezzling some 2 billion USD in favor of the former deputy Onishchenko. So far, two people began to worry. They are fugitive Onishchenko and Ukrainian President Poroshenko. This trio - Poroshenko Onishchenko, and Nasirov – has accidentally launched the process, the consequences of which nobody knows.

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Now everyone wants to know whether the arrests would continue, or the uncontrollable process of the fight against corruption will be stopped.

After attempt of arrest of Nasirov all people wait for aggravation of the struggle. In any case, for the Ukrainian society arrests of ordinary thief-minister or ordinary people's deputy multimillionaire is not that interesting.

Now "bickering of bulldogs under the carpet" for the opportunity and the right to be the next after Nasirov would begin. Probably, NABU head Sytnyk or Holodnitsky would be arrested next, but it looks like revenge.

Except Nasirov, there are some other noisy candidates for resignations, or even elite arrests. There are few candidates unwillingly might get into this unmanageable process of combating corruption.

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The list is small. This is the head of the Security Service Hrycak, who does not want to leave the comfortable work chair. He could be accused of the imbalance of interest in the economic activity of successful companies and the fight against Russian domination in the media and the state apparatus. Or "rapid" military prosecutor Matios whose family property shows high growth rates in this impoverished country, and his public statements on the talk shows shocked with its cynicism even the most naive citizens. This might be a public prosecutor Lutsenko. Perhaps it could go to jail for both new and old cases. The only condition for his arrest is maximum publicity. He likes to be in the light of television cameras at critical moments of his life. Lutsenko has already been to jail, so he will not have such a stress, like Nasirov. And he will be arrested by all the same restless "diamond prosecutors", whom he famously saved from the punishment. Finally, there is also the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, in spite of his love for the internet and noisy public relations, he is the most "complicated man" in Ukrainian politics and business. Avakov is the minion of fortune, unsinkable Minister of Internal Affairs, with mysterious past and no less mysterious future. He has too much hindrance. Facebook would not forget him. But if his arrest is unsuccessful, as in the case of Nasirov, Poroshenko will not benefit from it.

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Choosing from the list does not depend on the gravity of the crimes or the degree of fairness, but on the taste of the authorities. This is the "Ukrainian roulette". No one knows who will be next "Nasirov." In any case, they do not trust each other and cannot come to terms for a group of resistance. The main problem with these people is that they do not know who there is their particular enemy. They are not afraid of the law and the Ukrainians. But somebody changes their lives for the worse. This mights be the one who involved them into the political scheme and gave so much power, or somebody else.

But the process has been already launched. Who’s next?

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