Murder of Zhilin: reasons and details

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Today Zhilin is better known as the head of a terrorist organization "Oplot". This is the real criminal group that was founded in Kharkiv in 2011, even under the guise of Fight Club – to cover the gangster deals
23:15, 22 September 2016

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Evgeny Zhilin, leader of "Oplot"

In the evening on September, 19 it was reported about the murder of a famous militants’ leader Evgeny Zhilin, who was spending time in the restaurant "Veterok" in the suburban village of Gorki-2. He was walking in the company of 39-year-old citizen (who was injured), whose name is Andrei Kozyrev.

Today Zhilin is better known as the head of a terrorist organization "Oplot". This is the real criminal group that was founded in Kharkiv in 2011, even under the guise of Fight Club – to cover the gangster deals. But the real "glory" it has acquired during the armed struggle against the Maidan movement in the winter of 2013-2014 and the seizure of Donbas. It is very little known About Kozyrev also. Let's try to fill this gap.

For this purpose we should plunge into the past - late summer and autumn of 2010 and recall the murder of the founder of Kharkiv newspaper "New Style" and NGO "Independent Agency of Journalistic Investigations" Vasyl Klimentyev. This incident attracted considerable attention. In fact, after 9 years of a break in Ukraine bandits again began to kill journalists. If Gongadze's murder was for perpetrators a kind of "master-class", the murder of Klymentyev was like an examination on certificate to kill with impunity. The investigation was conducted in a way to give the murders an opportunity to hide. But the results of the investigation of this murder from the Yanukovych regime then demanded not only Ukrainians, but also people abroad: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of Speech Dunja Mijatovic, the international journalistic community.

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Restaurant "Veterok" in the suburban village of Gorki-2, where was killed Zhilin and wounded Kozyrev

Zhilin and Andriy Kozar

Eventually, a compromise logical point in the case was made again. The only suspect responsible for the murder investigation named Andriy Kozar who took Klymentyev to the trap and hid in Russia after the incident. But the investigation was suspended "due to the absence of the suspect." Although Kyiv investigation team led by Colonel Legetskyi had no doubt that Kozar could not act alone. He was a member of the criminal group headed by Zhilin. Incidentally, Kozar and Zhilin were old friends and worked together in the police. We also know that exactly Zhilin, as a former policeman, who was imprisoned and released, was one of the main "heroes" of Klymentyev investigative journalism. The sensational article "Explosive mixture" placed in the latest issue of the newspaper "New Style" was devoted to his affairs and relations with corrupt prosecutors.

Exactly after the failed investigation gangster Zhilin gained the great success. He organized the infamous "Oplot", a network of conversion centers serving the interests not only of Kharkiv, but also the capital's officials. He even proposed his candidacy for Member of Parliament in the 2012 elections. But for his masters it seemed too much. And Zhilin was ordered to withdraw from the elections ... of course, in exchange for the maximum assistance to the mutually beneficial "business". So he prospered in Ukraine up to the known events. Then, as expected, moved to "friendly country" and launched his business there. Obviously, with this he began compete with local criminal structures.

As for the fate of Andriy Kozar, also a former policeman, the experts put forward various hypotheses. To the extent that he would physically disappear. As it turned out, Kozar had not physically disappeared, only legally becoming a citizen of Russia Andrei Kozyrev.

Well, life again confirmed the correctness of the laws of Aristotle logic. And according to them, as has been repeatedly written, murderers of Klymentyev will not be caught and punished in Ukraine. And so it happened. Names of Zhilin and his companion in the context of the Klymentyev’s murder are no longer mentioned. But the judgment of fate is considerably higher authority. And it acts albeit slowly, but surely.

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