Murder of police officers in Dnipro: Why it became possible?

Author : Oleksiy Palchunov

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How professionally acted patrolmen in front of the killer and how Ukrainian MIA describes the incident
21:45, 28 September 2016

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On September 25, in Dnipro city the violator of traffic regulations shot dead two police officers. Suspect Oleksander Pugachov, the former member of "Tornado" battalion, was detained. He also was on the wanted list for committing other serious crimes.

The police authorities and the Interior Ministry are considering the incident in Dnipro as an episode, indicating the brutality of the suspect Oleksander Pugachov and the heroism of dead policemen Artem Kutushev and Olga Makarenko. MIA Speaker Shevchenko writes: "Uncompromising and courageous actions of police cost them their lives."

At the same time, both videos of the tragedy got to the Internet after mounting: on the video from surveillance camera in the parking lot there is no beginning of the incident, and recorded only shootout between Makarenko and Pugachev, and on a video from Kutushev’s chest camera certain moments were cut too. Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced that the full version of the video will not be public - on "moral and ethical reasons".

Even more interesting is that Interior Ministry immediately declared that the video from the chest camera of Olga Makarenko they will not show all – because they just do not have it, as Makarenko didn’t turn on the camera before the incident - "it happens". Really? Just forgot to turn on the camera, which would show the full chronology of events, and how all involved behaved? Well, just an incredible coincidence.

Let's analyze these two videos from the Internet, and make the whole picture of what happened. Pugachov was stopped for driving through a red light. Then one policeman leaves the patrol car - Kutushev. Pugachov requests to forgive him, as he is the volunteer and member of ATO, and shows a combatant certificate. Patrol policeman takes the document and goes to his car to check it in a database. He goes to the car, turning his back to Pugachov! Yes, this malicious, cynical and terrible killer already here could easily shoot him, especially if he really had a gun, as they say in the Interior Ministry. Where is his partner Makarenko at this time? Kutushev participated in the episode himself.

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Kutushev goes to the driver’s seat of the patrol car, bypassing hit from behind - then some seconds are cut from the video, but then, when he sits, it is clear that his partner is staying left at the patrol "Toyota", communicating with a man. This man will continue to be not far away from the scene until almost the end.

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Pugachov quietly demands from Kutushev to give him gun, and with the left hand is trying to pick up the documents. Makarenko is staying in the same place, just a meter away from the scene, but did not even notice anything, obviously, continuing to talk with the man. What's in the right hand of Pugachov, we can’t clearly see, but the police authorities claim that there is a gun. And we see the handgun in Pugachov’s hand in the next frame.

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Pugachov pulls Kutushev out of the car. Prior to that, the patrol policeman manages to give a signal to his partner, and she finally pays attention. Standing in the same spot at the left of the car, she is not doing anything, just standing still with a gun in her hand. The man beside her is staying on the spot, too.

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Next on the video we see drops of blood, and nothing else is visible, so let’s switch to the video from the parking lot of the bus station.

The woman and man are still standing at the left of the car and watching the scene. On the next moment, the video is probably cut off again: a stranger has gone, perhaps after shots in Kutushev and Makarenko goes to the right front door of the car, completely moving away from the scene. Pugachov makes some actions over the body of lying officer: maybe policeman at that time was still alive and offender was shooting him dead, or maybe he picked up the police gun. Makarenko is behind the car, she doesn’t prevent Pugachov to do anything. Sometimes she makes small movements from left to right. At one frame, she tilts her head - maybe she calls the reinforcement through the radio.

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A shootout between the killer and the patrol policewoman starts - first through the car, and then unhindered. Pugachov sits in his car (probably having convinced that he killed the patrol officer, and she is no longer a threat).

The main things in this story – these are the actions of two patrol police officers. We will not say outright that it was negligence, but their actions have created for the offender all the conditions to do what he did, moreover more than once. He could have killed them both at once, when the patrol policemen turned away from him to go to his car while his workmate was staying from the other side of the car and didn’t protect him.

Of course, we do not want to speak negatively about the dead, but this story should be a serious cause, to teach patrol police to work really professionally. The police leadership should also be responsible for the victims among their subordinates, if they would not taught their subordinates to act in the right way to save their lives. And recognize: either instructions can’t guarantee the safety of the policemen, or such instructions were not followed. So the excessive glorification of policemen’s actions could lead to further casualties.

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