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People said a lot about the poor-quality work of this parliament but usually those who are calling for new elections, most often doubt the presence of high-quality alternative
10:03, 30 November 2016

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On Sunday Kyiv citizens saw a rally of the new political force under the eloquent title "The movement of new forces", which creation was initiated by Mikheil Saakashvili. Also symbolic was a place where this event was held - at the monument to Vyacheslav Chornovil. That was the appeal of both the People's Movement political party and to its head of the party, who died in March 1999.

"We need to change the oligarchic parliament and to show the red card to the current parliament - called during a speech the former head of Odesa. - We demand to appoint a new special election, the new CEC, create the new elections law. " Together with Saakashvili at the meeting were representatives of the "Odesa team," including Julia Marushevska and former head of the National Agency for Civil Service Denis Brodsky who recently in unison with Saakashvili left public office focusing on the political struggle.

We should not forget that the first step of Mikheil Saakashvili as chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration was connected not with economic activity, but with participation in political quarrels, including one with Igor Kolomoisky. And then, Saakashvili did not hesitate, for example, to participate in the campaign against Gennadiy Korban in the elections in Chernihiv, speaking on the side of the pro-presidential candidate Serhiy Berezenko.

People had said a lot about the poor-quality work of this parliament but usually those who are calling for new elections, most often doubt the presence of high-quality alternative. Moreover, when we hear calls to the "change of oligarchic parliament", the question arises – are there the oligarchs who are staying behind all other active politicians?

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Of course, the phrase of Saakashvili on "oligarchic parliament" sounded just because former Georgian president wants to consider himself as a man who has no relationship with the oligarchs. His handshakes and hugs with Kuchma he explains with long friendship with him. However, if you trace the main "sights" of Saakashvili, all of them are focused not only on Poroshenko, but on his opponents. Of course, in order to deploy active political enterprise, he will need allies.

And it seems that one of the options of the union is already visible. MP from the Petro Poroshenko’s bloc Serhiy Leshchenko did not rule out unification of the party "Democratic Alliance" with a new political force of Saakashvili. "In the spring talks on the unification started, because we alone will receive just up to 4 percent, and maybe even 2 percent. We can only achieve good results as aunion" , told Leshchenko.

"The Saakashvili’s impact in the situation is still very little with rating a few percent - says political scientist Mykhailo Basarab. - The fact that he makes loud statements does not mean that he alone is able to stir an outcry. Although Saakashvili criticized the President and his entourage, and the oligarchs – but for some time he played by the rules of Poroshenko and his team. After the resignation he acknowledged this".

Talks about early elections raise another issue - the possibility of pro-Russian forces revanche. If a year ago, many experts did not believe in the possibility of such revanche, now, after the failure of the new government (which mostly came from the womb of the old) in front of European integration and several other failures, the probability become real. Moreover, even foreign political situation is quite favorable for pro-Russian forces. This affects not only Europe.

"I am convinced that the parliamentary elections now and today will not lead to a significant improvement of the quality of the ruling elite. There is a chance that situation will be even worse - Mykhailo Basarab continues. - The problems that we have today, they are located not in parliament. So the question arises – to whom should we address claims regarding the situation that we have today?

I am confident that these claims should be addressed to the President, because the major powers to restore order today are in Poroshenko’s hands. He has the main levers and tools for systemic change in the country. Today, the offensive tactics of former "regionals" gives the impression of a possible revanche. And, if nothing is changed, then they’ll get it because the Kremlin stopped at Donbas and started to use different tactics - not the continuation of armed aggression but destabilization in Ukraine."

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Saakashvili's appeal to the People's Movement of Vyacheslav Chornovil also raises many questions. The problem here is not about creation of new parties, but because that these new parties do not form a new agenda. And if "Movement of new forces” appeals to the People's Movement, then on this we should talk separately.

Of course, many people associate People's Movement with the national and state positions, although at certain stages of a difficult era of 90s, it sometimes worked in a rather unconstructive way. As you know, at the dawn of independence the first President Leonid Kravchuk proposed Chornovil to form a government together, but he refused the proposal.

Later split in the "Movement" was useful for Kuchma in the election of 1999. Both "movements" de facto helped Kuchma to stay for a second term. By the way, in one of his last interviews Bogdan Hawrylyshyn called dreamers of the early 90's "stupid", arguing that some of them went to the elections separately, thus “divided voices”.

Therefore, Ukraine continues to swing on the political background of failures. Politicians once again plunge into the development of its own projects, using the "visiting guest performers" who eventually destined to become only elements in the game of local clans. We have no systematic and deep study of the causes of destructive processes, despite the large number of experts and specialized institutions, that leads to a circular motion of old mistakes.

We all should start to make conclusions from the recent history including those of us who are just beginning to get acquainted with the realities of Ukrainian politics. And the main thing is not to repeat the mistakes of the past experience, while also trying to create new names of parties and movements. Today Ukraine faces new challenges, and therefore increases the requirements for appropriate ways to solve them.

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