Minsk loop, which is impossible to remove

Author : Vadym Kolodiychuk

The situation with the Minsk agreement and Ukraine’s role resembles a loop, which fell on the neck of the man, and he is teetering on wobbly chair with his hands tied behind his back. One careless movement towards - and there could be some unpleasant and fatal consequences.
23:38, 14 February 2017

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Two years ago, Ukraine has agreed to the Minsk agreements. 13 conditions, from which only 3  can be considered fulfilled during this period, and those with not such huge success. Conditions that for 16 hours were agreed by the first persons of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia - President Petro Poroshenko, Francois Hollande, Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel. The deal, which was supposed to bring at least some peace in the occupied territories, stop the deaths of Ukrainian military and sufferings of civilians. The deal, which will be called stillborn after two years.

But then, in February 2015, it seemed that the president had no special options. When they put a gun to your forehead, then you either go for broke and try to resist to much stronger enemy, or agree to any conditions to save your life. And then - to strengthen your forces and turn the gun in the opposite direction. Of course, there was also a hope that the Western partners will help to force Putin to peace. But "civilized" Europe has once again shown its weakness in the struggle against the "medieval" Russia.

However, it is difficult to believe that France or Germany accepted so vague and undefined obligations. Just look to the paragraph 5 of the agreement: " To ensure the pardons and amnesties by the enactment of a law prohibiting the prosecution and punishment of persons in connection with the events that took place in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine." And we can find some strange things in other parts of the document. And there are no consequences in case of failure of the plan. Other countries believed in honesty of the Russian Federation or what?

By the way, the numbering of the items is absolutely not connected with the order of their execution. And it is not clear what exactly we are talking about - probably, there can be at least 4 explainings – one version from each side. Regarding the signatures in the Minsk Agreement and the list of the thirteen paragraphs. They were agreed by the heads of the four states, but have already been signed by titled representatives. On the one hand, it is clear why the heads of the countries did it, because it would be very strange to see some surnames next to each other in a single document, for example, Poroshenko, Hollande and Zakharchenko. However, the responsibility still lies on those who drafted these provisions.

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But even under such circumstances, we don’t need to refuse Minsk agreements. Such a step would be very harmful for us. At first, we should mention sanctions. Last week, European Commissioner Federica Mogherini in the US said that sanctions should be valid until the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Now imagine that we declare that do not need them. Then the sanctions that were imposed on the Russian Federation, are not important for us anymore. Secondly, talking about international reputation. Our president at the same table with his colleagues said yes to these agreements. Now he can’t change his answer. But the can change the attitude.

The situation with the Minsk agreement and Ukraine’s role resembles a loop, which fell on the neck of the man, and he is teetering on wobbly chair with his hands tied behind his back. One careless movement towards - and there could be some unpleasant and fatal consequences. Situation with the chair seems clear. It was "carefully" proposed to us by our northern neighbor, and now it begins to stagger from the slightest action of our neighbor, our western partners and even our own actions. But situation with the loop is not so clear. It was tied for a long time, but thrown over with a lightning speed, and not just by the Kremlin’s hands.

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Cees Boogaart

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15 February 2017, 09:27
Wrong, first of all Minsk is a agreement not international law. All agreements even such badly formed as Minsk, must comply to international law. So even if no punishment in it for not complying to agreement or, it can be used or adapted. Example, from start RF (cronies) didn't comply with ceasefire, so Ukraine could return fire in a tit for (two)tats strategy to force RF (cronies) to abide to agreements ceasefire. btw if this strategy was used from start, RF (cronies) would never got so much area. Even the use of RF weapons, soldiers and mercanaries could have been met by extra sanctions by West towards RF. Now USA sanctions are at level 3 from 10, should sanctions have been at level 10, incl. SWIFT, Putin would have left Ukraine long time ago. According int. law all costs of occupation goes to occupier, thats not Ukraine's responsibility! So title of this article should be Minsk loop, which is (im) possible to remove...
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