Meet to get photo: why Poroshenko met Trump in the first place?

Author : Viktor Ruzhynsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Kyiv has been waiting for his majesty Trump to receive a visit from the Ukrainian President for half a year. Finally, the wait is over. There was even a share of joy due to the fact that Trump meets Ukrainian president prior to Putin. But practically – a real misfortune happened. The result of the so much waited meeting can’t be described in any other way but even more harsh words.
14:12, 21 June 2017

President Petro Poroshenko eventually got the picture of himself taken in the White House – as a matter of fact, it was even more fortunate than that of Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine’s foreign minister. That’s arguably the only positive result of the meeting of the Ukrainian and U.S. leaders in Washington. Donald Trump, on the other hand, finally avenged himself on Ukraine, which dared to insult and mock him. Public thrashing seems to be the only possible description of how Poroshenko was met in the White House.  The U.S. media also noticed that – putting it milder, though. There were no honors, no reaction and no public announcements from Trump during the visit; and, famously, the details still mean a lot in diplomacy.

Why Poroshenko visited the US is the secret. The naive Ukrainian experts made the assumptions on what the Ukrainian president brought to Trump. The peace formula on Donbas, new negotiation’s format with the participation of the US instead of the Minsk Talks, the request to continue the investment of Ukraine were among the variants. In fact, Poroshenko visited the US to tell us that his peace initiatives do not require the addendums, Russia is the aggressor and the reforms intensively take place in Ukraine. Seriously, is this the stand of Ukraine that our leader presented to Trump? Is it possible that Kyiv has got nothing to offer to Washington to be useful and do not look like a poor relative? Is it really that we should trust that Poroshenko flew to discuss the procurement of the coal from Pennsylvania that he is not going to buy? Is it was necessary to hear from Mattis, the Defense Minister that he supports the sanctions against Russia? Did not we hear this before and did not we know that the US Congress and the hawks anyway on our side? These statements will not feed Ukraine. Instead of the real broadening of the military cooperation and the status of partner out of NATO, Poroshenko contents with the promises of the minister who does not influence the sanctions.

This reminds me about sanctions. It's funny how journalists asked Poroshenko whether Trump actually said that the sanctions against Russia would not be lifted until Crimea returns and Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine ceases, he began to congratulate ... Myroslava Gongadze saying "I think, It is obvious". Because no! Trump could not say anything like that. He is not a supporter of these sanctions, and would rather agree to exchange peace in Ukraine for the Crimea than to listen to these pretentious speeches about aggression and the need for the whole world to resist the Kremlin. But if such a point was discussed, it's clear that no one will tell us this, because this is a political death for Poroshenko and Trump, whom opponents will simply eat.

Poroshenko also does not see the necessity of the joining of the US to the negotiations on Donbas. ‘The US is the Guaranteeing Power in the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurance and this meeting confirms the importance of Ukraine for the US and the resolute readiness to support our state’, is the clicheed response but it brightly refers about the negotiations. All this was for nothing. Poroshenko did not offer Trump anything and consequently, he received nothing.

And what about Trump? Kyiv offended him during the elections. Our ministers called him inadequate and a threat for the world. It’s our Embassy that worked for Hillary Clinton’s win. That’s why we get this cold shoulder which is a result for sure of the unwillingness of the US President’s team to give the opponents another chance to accuse them in pro-Kremlin policy in Ukrainian question. US president met personally, walked around the garden and gave a joint briefing even to the president of Mexico, whom Trump scolded, accused and promised to wall off from. The same goes for the Romanian leader and a number of presidents of higher rank. Whereas Poroshenko was invited without the State Department's knowledge, unofficially, until the last moment everything was uncertain, Trump did not go out to greet him, spoke in the presence of the crowd, did not go to the briefing, did not write anything on Twitter. Imagine this: now on Trump’s page in the social network there are two posts about North Korea, written after the meeting with Poroshenko, and not one about the meeting itself. Not a word. On the website of the White House they only wrote about the meeting between Poroshenko and Pence, but not about the meeting with Trump. As if nothing happened.

Poroshenko’s bots will now receive instructions and will start writing about a peculiar format, about the support for Ukraine and other "wins", just as before the meeting they promoted as an achievement the fact that Trump will first meet with Poroshenko, not with Putin. But where are the credits, where is the military aid, where are the peace plans, where is at least one word from Trump himself, damn it? But, wait, there is a photo. Although wait, here are a few others, compare.

Briefing of Trump and the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis


Briefing of Trump and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau


Briefing of Trump and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel


Briefing of Trump and the President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela


Briefing of Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


And here is briefing of Trump and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Do you see Trump?


In fact, was the photo worth of going to Washington? And isn't it time to think back of our dignity?

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