Measles is already here, waiting for diphtheria. And it will be much more serious illness

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Now once again I want to warn. Measles – it’s just a warm-up, it's just the flowers. It may be worse. And the measles will seem to you a sweet berry on the cake. A cake is diphtheria
23:36, 17 January 2018

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I propose to talk about measles, because there is a lot of information, a lot of fuss, panic, which is completely unreasonable sometimes, so I would like to dot the "i", explain what is happening.

Most importantly - let's look at such a thing as the medical history. Measles is a medical history. All the centuries humanity exists - there is measles next to it. And many people were ill with measles. That is, there is such a concept of "general morbidity". The concept of "general morbidity" has a direct relation to such a disease as measles. Always, at all times, all people in the world were ill with measles. There were certain islands with no measles. When the white man set foot there, most of the population died because of measles. So, we always had measles. What did this lead to, is this "general morbidity" with measles?

Never was the time when less than one percent of the people died. Of the one hundred children - one has always died of measles. At all times. It was an ideal option - one child out of a hundred.

After antibiotics appeared on earth, mortality decreased slightly. Slightly – it’s even gently said. Mortality decreased tenfold. One child in a thousand died. Not because antibiotics treat measles; measles is a viral infection. But with measles, there are very often bacterial complications that can kill a person. So, having eliminated such complications, we came to the point that one out of a thousand died.

So, society, humanity should consider the topic of vaccination against measles. Well, we do not need to vaccinate children, and then we will just pay a price. Each child will be ill with measles, one in a thousand will die, two or three will have a complication in the form of meningoencephalitis, well, to stay without brains. Or he will have blindness and a bunch of other more or less serious complications.

So, here is the price that society can pay for measles. Or another option - society can be vaccinated. If a society decides to become vaccinated, the situation changes in the most principled way, and measles simply disappears from the face of the country where this vaccination occurs. It's just that everyone has measles immunity.

The most terrible and crazy situation arises when the society decides to become vaccinated, but half gets vaccinated, and half does not. What does this lead to? This leads to the fact that adults begin to get sick. That is, when no one is vaccinated – people meet the virus in childhood. When half is vaccinated, the chances of meeting the virus in childhood decrease, and adults start to meet with the virus. And adults have more complications than children. Then the price of the disease, the price of measles increases many times, and adults begin to die.

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So, I once again say, the most terrible thing that can be is a situation in which half of society is vaccinated, half is not. The society must make a decision - whether or not we get vaccinated. And society, having adopted this decision, wants to achieve the optimal result. Here is the optimal result - in a society that takes a decision to vaccinate against measles, at least 90% should be vaccinated. Ideally - 95-98% of all residents. Then the virus simply cannot circulate. Nowhere, all are immune to measles. And then the disease disappears.

Next, what are the great challenges for us today? Of course, we are in that unlimited category of countries where half is vaccinated, half is not, but the worst is that we have huge problems with statistics. These problems are just drama. I do not say "a huge number of people allegedly vaccinated" - they are vaccinated "on paper". And even now, when people really get measles, because the number of vaccines has decreased significantly, we do not have adequate information. First of all, because we are not very far from the planning system, our stupid checks, reports, papers and so on. If you have many patients with measles, a lot of commissions are coming to you, you are checked, you get problems with your superiors, so it's always easier to hide information than show it.

To clearly understand, doctors of private practice are actually deprived of the opportunity to properly treat measles. Measles is treated only in infectious hospitals. Only there. And this, by the way, is one of the main features of measles. I would like to note this separately. Measles is a flying infection. What does it mean - if the patient is two hundred meters away from you, with airflows you can still get infected. That is, when a patient with influenza entered the classroom, he can infect people in the classroom, but not in the next class. The child who came to school with measles infects the entire school.

So, in this situation, patients with measles are treated in certain sealed boxes, which are located only in infectious hospitals. And we do not have such private hospitals. If you or your child get measles, you cannot even dream about a private clinic, you will lie in our normal "post-soviet" infectious hospital. With cockroaches, lawlessness and everything else. It's all waiting for you. At least think about it.

But back to the statistics. A huge number of cases of measles is unseen in the information field. Media  simply do not report on this. Sometimes doctors do not make a diagnosis at all. Instead of measles they put rubella, an allergy. And the most terrible thing is that we do not have normal information about mortality. A patient with measles may die from pneumonia, for example. And very often the cause of death passes through the statistics - not measles, but simply "pneumonia" or meningoencephalitis. And the fact that measles has caused meningoencephalitis, no one reports. We really know about six dead from measles in Ukraine, but up to the Ministry of Health, there are only two cases. Hence one more problem. This is generally a global problem of measles and vaccination. Vaccination was so effective that people forgot what measles is, people stopped being afraid of measles, but people are afraid of vaccination. That is, the effectiveness of vaccination works against the vaccination itself. And now we have a global problem, at last, despite warnings, conversations that measles will come, we realized that measles really exist. But even now you do not understand the real extent of what is happening. Because at least half of cases of measles in our country do not reach the information field.

What should we do now? In a nutshell - there are vaccines against measles - imported vaccine, Belgian, it is freely available. At least for children it is in unlimited quantity. If you went to the polyclinic and heard that there was no vaccine, please do not be lazy, on the website of the Ministry of Health, on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health, inform that in such a department you were refused vaccination. It is necessary to vaccinate children twice, in an age of a year and six years. This is enough for full immunity.

In the epidemic time, during the outbreaks (relatively speaking, there is an outbreak in Kyiv right now), it is possible to vaccinate children not from the year but from nine months.

If you doubt whether you are vaccinated or not, nothing terrible will happen to you from the third vaccination, exclusively material losses if you have to buy a vaccine.

If you are in doubt, whether you need a vaccination, you have the opportunity to take a blood test and find out the presence or absence of protective antibodies.

The analysis clearly indicates whether you need to be vaccinated.

Another issue is that the price of the analysis is usually higher than the price of the vaccine. Therefore, if there are questions, I recommend not to take tests, but be vaccinated. It is quality modern vaccine, which in most cases is easily tolerated.

A year ago I warned the whole community about measles. Society requires corpses. Without them, it is not ready to believe.

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Now once again I want to warn. Measles – it’s warm-up, it's just the flowers. It may be worse. And the measles will seem to you a sweet berry on the cake. A cake is diphtheria. With it, it's not so simple to fight. You vaccinated once against measles - and 85% have protective antibodies. In diphtheria it is necessary to be vaccinated three times in a row, then one more time in a year and then every 10 years to be vaccinated. With diphtheria, it is not possible to create immunity so quickly. And there is a problem with the Belgian vaccines. Are you vaccinated against diphtheria? You need to know - it's not 1 in 1000 dying from this illness - 50% die. With vaccines of the best clinics of the world, death rate is still 10-15%. That is, every tenth person dies.

Recently, there was a "really great event" - India gave us several doses of antidiphtheria serum. If there is diphtheria - these doses will end in 2 days. And we will remain without a single drug, which must fight diphtheria. I'm not currently agitating you for vaccination. If you believe me, my advice is not to get in touch with anyone. Pay attention to whether your child is vaccinated from diphtheria or not.

And pay attention to yourself. If you have not been vaccinated for the last 10 years, there are special vaccines specifically for adults, to maintain antidiphtheria immunity.

Diphtheria will come. There are biological laws. Many people die. It's not measles, it's much worse and more dangerous. Someone wants to follow the path of natural selection? God is their judge. But you have children. You adults are more likely to die from diphtheria than your children. You also need to raise children. Do not expect that the employer or the state will vaccinate you. I read the statistics that we have lawlessness with vaccination and what the National Security Council should decide about this. I first wrote on this topic in 2010, 8 years ago. And after that I wrote about it hundreds of times. Nobody hears it.

The rescue of a drowning man is the drowning man's own job. Guys, let's rescue ourselves.

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