Maidan did not cancel Ukraine’s corruption

Author : Olexandr Honcharov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Instead of improving lives of ordinary people, Ukraine’s "elite" steals money for reforms
18:00, 9 December 2016

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Circus this is the most gentle expression, which can be characterized by problems with registration or subsidies HCS-benefits. I recall in 2016 when compared to the previous year utility services increased by 32.4%, while the income of the population decreased by 19%. So yesterday, 8 December, held several meetings with the requirements of the reduction in utility tariffs, higher wages and social standards under the buildings of the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.

Frankly, it's just a mockery of common sense, a mockery of the economy and social justice, as a minimum, by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko. God grant that he realized this and played the situation at least the middle of 2017. If nothing is "banging" and nothing will change for the better, it will be very bad throughout the country. Well, and then you can tell any horror. Do not make a mistake.

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Apparently, our government made of the average citizen of a typical Ukrainian, who in one hand and fat, and another calculator to calculate how much at the moment is this piece of fat and how much is left of money from wages to pay for housing and communal services tariffs. Adequate man getting harder and harder to accept all the lies that are high officials and politicians in various television talk shows. From this lie is simply sick.

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But what we are seeing in our commodities, foreign exchange, and especially in the market of public services, as well as the sale of assets of insolvent banks - this is a war of all against all. And the rules are gone, there is a well-established corrupt scheme. And the policy of the Cabinet meetings, talk a lot and for a long time, but in fact - nothing. I do not wonder why almost all our ministers do not like to tell the truth? Because with lies you can manage people, and with the help of the truth - no. This is convincing evidence - and in their e-declarations.
Just look how our "elite" does not give money to the reform of housing and communal services and the modernization of gas production. And in what does not deny, dear citizens. It has neither the first nor the second Maidan wild oligarchic capitalism is abolished in Ukraine. Plus, to confess, and after all these scandals and shocks our banking system remains opaque. It burst banks on current accounts which lost billions of hryvnia and foreign currency depositors and customers literally washed the middle class and wealthy people did previously poor beggars.

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And until now, with criteria such as reliability of the bank, to understand the investor or client unlikely. While this might help rating agencies. In addition to our strong financial market retained risks, such as liquidity (there was a significant outflow of deposits), foreign exchange risks, a sharp deterioration in asset quality and loan portfolios, devaluation of the hryvnia, and more. And there is still no recommendations for the NBU troubled banks. Not solved, in particular, the problem of related party lending. Therefore, we can not agree: we are waiting in front of two scenarios - a bad and very bad.

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To all this negative for Cabinet of Groisman came one fateful moment - it is necessary to prevent the bankruptcy of the companies that are on the verge of it. Defaults, including the sphere of housing and communal services, have to clear our economy, saving her from the debts and troubled assets. Here we need decisive government action. These examples are well known in history. For example, during the Great Depression in the United States businesses that have experienced financial difficulties, just bankrupt. They are sold cheaply, reducing the market price, but the one who bought them, using these assets for its operations. Thus, the capital was redistributed from less educated entrepreneurs to be more successful and professional.

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However, when our political leaders are telling us that there is no money - it is cunning, that is to the money is never enough... I do this to us very clearly and convincingly shown in their e-declarations known MPs. And more important than complain and ask for another loan from the IMF tranche, which we just do not get better prioritize investment funds in the amount of US $ 1 billion. Before the end of 2016. At the same time openly to establish clear criteria for the efficiency of spending finances. And for that it is high time to establish clear mechanisms for determining the effectiveness of this, but not as it is now - the more money you give, the more stolen.

Thus, it becomes increasingly clear that the situation in the Ukrainian economy is fraught with widespread growth of social tensions, protectionism and xenophobia.

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Now just I do not doubt that for the majority of Ukrainians useful experience of life in the USSR, when the heading "Tips house master" in "Science and Life" magazine was utterly relevant. When breakfast is ready, but did not buy in supermarkets and restaurants, when things were ugly but durable. Today, it is we become popular again. Plus, we still have to give up high European social guarantees, as well as the same high standards of consumption. We are now the authorities are advised to live modestly and to return to a traditional Ukrainian home.

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