Lynch law in Ukrainian parliament: demonstrative flogging of MP Mosiychuk

Author : Lesia Bidochko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Those who fell out of favor of Poroshenko, pack their things and go to jail
21:15, 18 September 2015

 The arrest of notorious MP from Lyashko’s Radical Party Ihor Mosiychuk took place in the Parliament building, so to say in the best tradition of the Latin American democracies. A real political drama with the participation of a MP ill reputed for assaulting different people.

A local bandit from the town of Vasylkiv, Kyiv region, a member of neo-Nazi “Patriot of Ukraine” organization, had been previously released from jail as an apparent “political prisoner”. While being in prison, June 2, 2013 Mosiychuk took part in the early elections for the city mayor of Vasylkiv. In January 2014, he was sentenced to six years in prison, but pardoned in February after Euromaidan. His way to the Verkhovna Rada  through the populist Radical Party. 

Recently this party, driven by its "nationalistic" rejection of Minsk agreement process, gave up backing the ruling coalition and fell out of authorities' favor. September 17, Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin with a "youthful exuberance" presented a video proving Mosiychuk took bribes, so the latter was stripped of parliamentary immunity and arrested by the Security Service. As Mosiychuk got furious upon 3 MPs from another far right party, Svoboda, for giving their consent to his arrest, he revealed that their main sponsor (a former mafia boss) was behind the 31 August deadly clashes near the Parliament building  and that he was acting as an agent provocateur of the Administration of President.

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In the video released by Prosecutor General , Mosiychuk promised his unidentified interlocutor to speak in defense of the interests of the last. Now he is forced to defend his own interests in the court.  Members of the Radical Party claimed that in such a way the authorities are trying to crack down on the parliamentary opposition. It is better get out of the Prosecutor General’s way – that is the lesson for other radicals.

The arrest took place just one day after Mosiychuk published sensational information. He said that while being in jail of Security Service, he witnessed pressure against Oleksii Pukach, who is accused of murdering journalist Gongadze. Mosiychuk was quick to add that he is ready to give evidence officially. Perhaps, he was too quick.

One more disturbing detail comes to mind. According to regulations, the meeting of the procedural committee should be held first. But Prosecutor General hurried up to neglect this rule and immediately put on voting the issue of arrest. Until Parliament has not cancelled the parliamentary privilege, the MP stays protected “invulnerable”.

A washout of President's political technologists? Of course. A reasonable question arises in the minds of people: why not to put in jail the real criminals, involved into the shootings on Maidan? Or why other law breakers, involved into large-scaled scandals and crimes, were let to easily leave the country without a punishment? 

We just witnessed one more filthy politicaly motivated pre-election manoeuvre: those who fell out ofavor of Poroshenko, pack their things and end with "This is the end, my only friend". 

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