Lutsenko on Yanukovych’s case and investigation of Sheremet murder

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May 24, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko delivered a report in the Verkhovna Rada: find out the key quotes
14:44, 26 May 2017

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In order not to delay the time and get a fair verdict on the state treasury of Yanukovych, we would wait for this verdict and next week we file a case against one more crime - against Maidan. And then, step by step, case by case, we are going to investigate what Yanukovych’s mafia has done.

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With regard to Sheremet (Ukrainian journalist, killed by in Kyiv on July 20, 2016 after an explosive device detonated under the car he was driving. Ukraine police see journalism as motive in his murder – Ed.) the investigation is under way, we have involved the best prosecutors there. I must admit that we have made a mistake in this investigation, I mean removing the CCTV camera №201, another, as it turned out, the most important one, was not withdrawn, so the significant information did not reach the investigation. Thanks to journalists, these shootings became known, not for the whole world, but just for investigators. Nevertheless, these videos are very important for the investigation.

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Together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we were able to reduce street crime activity by 15-20% in the first quarter of this year. As for today, according to the results of last year's activities, the courts have condemned 344,470 thieves, 4,132 robbers, 893 bandits, 10,624 people have been sentenced, street crime risks have fallen.

Every day, Prosecutor General's Office brings to the state budget 142 million UAH, and in general - 52 billion UAH.

The number of thefts last year reached 312 thousand, this year this number decreased by 20%. 34 thousand thieves were convicted, last year 27 thousand robberies were registered, this year the number decreased by 30%, more than 4 thousand people are convicted. Speaking about robbery, another 893 persons were convicted, we see a 30% drop, the same situation with car and apartment robberies.

The Prosecutor General's Office detained about 250 people, who are suspected in an attack against ATO participants. One of the organizers of the clashes is the People's Deputy from the "Opposition Bloc" Olexander Vilkul:

"At this point, we have detained not only these guys with a total number of 250, we detained dozens of those who attacked the ATO fighters, found their organizers. It was found out through a voluntary agreement to work with the consequence of one of these carcasses. I hope that they will continue. We now know for sure who organized and instructed these guys. This is the head of "Opposition Bloc," they were all instructed, organized and financed at his headquarters in Dnipropetrovsk region. It was done by Mr. Vilkul and Kolesnik personally. Thanks to Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, we have a video of how they all go into the office, because their office stands nearby and there is a video camera," Lutsenko said.

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In December last year, a specially created commission, where 6 out of 7 positions were occupied by representatives of public organizations, elected a new head and employees of the General Inspection in Prosecution General, which should clean the dirt, traitors and corrupt officials from this agency. For a short time, since January, the Prosecutor General's Office has already dismissed 46 prosecutors for dishonesty, as well as unreliable data in e-declarations

If you want to ride in armored cars and live in houses like Klyuev does, just pay taxes for it.

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Corruption in the current government is the legacy of the NABU, but we could not remain just passive observers in this fight. Therefore, having coordinated legal positions on the possibility of creating joint investigative and prosecutorial groups, we are fighting together in this direction. During a year, we have transferred over 1191 cases about corruption offenses to the court. In other words, every day we detain three people, who take bribes. The absolute majority of these cases were proceeded after the victims applied to the law enforcers. Dear Ukrainians, as soon as you are asked to pay a bribe, please, immediately contact the prosecutor's office. Together we can overcome this cancerous tumor.

I am not Pshonka (former Ukraine’s Prosecutor General), I do not pursue political enemies or opponents. We objectively make a decision. I still have my prison mug on my table. It helps to remember that my decision must be lawful and justified.

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