Lessons of Aleppo: Criminals know about weakness of international law

Author : Vadym Kolodiychuk

Top officials will express their condolences to the victims and their families, indignation and condemnation of the actions of Assad and Russia - thar's maximum the world can do for Syrian people
17:52, 19 December 2016

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Aleppo – is a tragedy of which the Western world knows, but can do nothing to stop it. In this city there is genocide, created by the authorities with the support of Russia and local Islamists against Aleppo citizens. You know it from the news. This is known to the people in Ukraine, Russia, EU, US, and around the world. You can see photos of killed people bodies lying in the streets. You can see the ruins of the ancient city. You have the internet and TV to find the latest information from Syria, you have the right to express outrage on your page in social networks, and you can actively discuss it in the kitchen, in a café or at the meeting.

But except this you can do nothing. Absolutely nothing. The world has become open and populous. But separated and isolated. The world ceased to be a safe place where we accustomed to live before.

People in Aleppo created a video message to the world in hopes of being heard. They were heard by millions viewers of the evening newscasts, and the same number of people shared these appeals in Facebook, and part of them will protest at the Russian Embassy in their country.


Paris will turn off Eiffel Tower lights for Aleppo. Top officials of dozens of countries will express their condolences to the victims and their families, indignation and condemnation of the actions of Assad and Russia. Perhaps, there will be a particular military operation. That's all. No one will change essentially the situation in the Syrian Aleppo, as well as throughout the whole country.

People in other part of the world will remain on the screen of your PC or TV, without knowing whether they would survive tomorrow. And this is just one example of the chronic powerlessness of the civilized world in front of the new hot zones, which appear on the world map with Russia's participation.

And there are only two options: either the civilized world really is able to stop it, or the world does not want to do that. None of my business - this is not a purely Ukrainian feature. In Europe, so-called "lasting peace" has existed for over 70 years. And people got used to it quickly.

The United States even during World War II showed that as long as they are not directly concerned with the conflict - they would not fully participate in it. Only partly in terms of their own interests. Russia's interest is understandable. It seems that China and Japan are awaiting the first steps of the West. And these are only those countries that affect global geopolitics; others are busy with their own problems.

AFP news agency

Because, if the situation was different - there would not be the third year of ATO in Donbas, it would not have happened. And the Chechen war, armed conflict in Yugoslavia would not have happened too.

After two world wars – there shouldn’t not be any large-scale armed conflict, if it complies with international law, and those who violate it, would be strictly punished. But international organizations are unable to do so because they mentally exist in the last century, but wars continue by modern "rules", the main of which is - ignoring any rules.

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