Late night conversation: Trump called Poroshenko

Author : Vadym Kolodiychuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukrainian side wants to make an impression that the presidential administration has found a way to establish contact with the White House
10:06, 7 February 2017

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Presidents Donald Trump and Petro Poroshenko have held a telephone conversation. The team of Ukrainian guarantor noted that this conversation had a slight tone of "victory." Well, the very fact that the telephone conversation between the officials, which, incidentally, took place in a not very convenient for Ukraine’s president time (in Kyiv it was almost midnight Saturday), when Trump called Poroshenko’s administration, could be really considered a victory, if we evaluate the situation of Ukrainian President.

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A lot of things, especially of domestic politics, is happening under the cover of night. Talks with Trump are not an exception. Yes, of course, Petro Poroshenko and his team are accustomed to work until the dawn, but it does not bring more clarity to the Ukrainian-American relations. The sides negotiated only some general and diplomatic things - the situation in Donbas and intentions of further cooperation. Of course, over time, more details might appear, but on the condition, that such disclosure would be beneficial to someone, or the information is really precious.

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Pro-regime commentators have made it clear - Bankova wants to make an impression that the presidential administration found a way to establish contact with the White House. But there is a suspicion that this conversation took place thanks to friends in Washington and European politicians - Angela Merkel and Theresa May, to whom the US leader is well disposed. And they, in turn, remain committed to Ukraine.

But so far it looks like the neighborly relations of one street (for example, European), which has a new tenant. The new tenant of the White House immediately decided to be acquainted with influential neighbors. And there is another neighbor, sociable, very wealthy, but he has got a lot of problems in his yard, in addition to a land dispute with the influential northern neighbor. The latter would be very happy to meet with the new powerful "resident," but no one calls him for a visit.

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From the perspective of international politics, this connection is not as stable and constant as with the Obama administration. However, in this case, Bankova is trying to build a straight line between the Presidents, without the mediation of the Vice-President Michael Pence, as it was with Biden. Therefore, here the president’s team gets “B.” It could get “A” if the same day Poroshenko talked to Putin, especially in terms of escalation of situation in Avdiivka. Pence, however should not be discounted. There are opinions that his entourage would replace Biden and Nuland under the new government. Although, maybe it is for the better, Republican conservatives are committed to Ukraine.

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The next step for the Bankova team (and the opportunity to receive a perfect score from the chef) should be preparation of meeting of Donald Trump and Petro Poroshenko. Ukraine’s foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin is already working on it. Therefore, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Valery Chaly, would not be the only person responsible for this issue.

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And while this meeting did not take place, it is difficult to talk about the major international achievements of the Ukrainian diplomacy. On one side, a telephone conversation is not binding and is a simple working obligation. This is just like saying hello to a neighbor, with whom you are communicating constantly, but you do not even remember the names of his children (Yulia Tymoshenko might confirm it). And on the other hand, Trump has not determined his strategy on the Ukrainian issues, that is, he is still forming his impression of the neighbors. Therefore, he holds such calls over the weekend. In parallel and on the basis of these conversations, Washington is developing several options plan on which to cooperate with Ukraine and Europe. Under these circumstances, the most important task of Ukrainian diplomats is to make American colleagues not to forget about the Russian aggression and understand why they have to help us. Worsening situation in Avdiivka in this case is an important occasion to once again emphasize this, "knocking on the door" of the White House.

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