Kyiv authorities ban sale of alcohol at night: reaction of social media

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Resonant decision of Kyiv City Council was met with a strong reaction of the social media
18:06, 23 September 2016

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September 22, life of an ordinary citizen of Kyiv has changed forever. Kyiv City Council imposed a ban on the sale of alcohol from 23:00 to 10:00 in all the shops, supermarkets, and other facilities, except restaurants and bars.

Social media responded to this resonant decision with numerous posts. Some people support the decision of the City Council (but this category is very small), someone remembers the experience of the Soviet era, the others make jokes of this unhappy topic. We have gathered the most characteristic reactions of the social media.

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For example, Andriy Kapustin from Kyiv advised MPs to remember the Soviet times, when during the similar ban, the alcohol at night turned into "holy water." "Hello, girls-boys from the city council, probably you had nothing to do with alcohol during the Soviet times. And, then, you do not know which tricks is the post-Soviet man capable of, committed to providing a non-stop alcohol comfort. First, the taxi drivers. Secondly, grandmothers, who would illegally sell the alcoholic goods 24h per day. And this alcohol was of dubious quality. Third, trade in the same supermarkets from the counter. That additional corrupt income for cashiers and sellers ... Fourth, people would buy alcohol in the Kyiv region. Fifth, trade in spare time over the Internet. With delivery and other services," he writes.

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Another user, Irina Grishchenko proposed Kyiv City Council to even further and ban selling of the confectionary after 6 pm. In this way, the authorities would help citizens lose weight.

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“If you a lover of a breakfast with champagne – you have to plan it in advance,” BZh news agency wrote.

“Kyiv City council banned selling of alcohol from 23:00 to 10:00. Someone refers to the European example and are naively happy that shouting under the windows at night will stop.

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Someone is angry, arguing that this is a return to Soviet times and promises to protest. Some people reasonably claim that Kyiv residents would find 100 mechanisms to omit the ban.

And I think the answer must be asymmetrical. This is a unique possibility to raise sharing economy in local communities. You find like-minded people in your district, unite into support groups, and if someone from your neighbors is out of booze, you might share or sell it to him.

Say yes to the sharing economy!” Another Facebook user wrote.

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