Key days for Ukrainian diplomacy and President to resolve Donbas conflict

Author : Kostyantyn Gryshchenko

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Comments of the ex-Foreign Minister of Ukraine Kostyantyn Gryshchenko on 112 Ukraine TV channel
21:30, 13 September 2016

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I think that the situation with the conflict in eastern Ukraine is evident and it is necessary to solve issues of implementation of political agreements that were reached in Minsk. And these issues which are not executed today, one way or another should be set out in the statement of the president Poroshenko during his speech at the UN General Assembly.

But I think we shouldn’t be limited only with these questions. Because that situation which arose after the annexation of the Crimea, after the outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine, it jeopardizes the whole system of international relations and the European security system. Therefore, the initiative of Ukraine regarding the need for the resumption of sufficiently strong, clear system of international security, which would be based on the principles that are for a long time observed, could become the main theme of the President's speech.

We must insist that this is one of the greatest challenges to international security. Therefore using the opportunity to make such speech at the General Assembly is the principal task of the President of Ukraine. But it should be not only the performance and activity of the President, but all the components of the apparatus, which is engaged in international politics in Ukraine. It all is extremely necessary, because performance can attract attention, can make a contribution, but in order to make it work, to make its main points become not just a moment in history but a permanent feature of discourse and draw attention to the problems that we face today, we must work at different levels.

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And I would like to note the quality of the meetings, which are now scheduled (in particular, with Obama - Ed.). If this is some kind of two-minute meeting in the hall of the building of the UN General Assembly, or outside of it, it is one thing. If it is really serious conversation for any significant period of time, where you can stop on the main points to look for real answers and to convince your interlocutor, it is quite another.

In addition, soon foreign ministers of the four Western countries will arrive in Kyiv. I think that will be talking about how to make the President of the Russian Federation to carry out the agreements reached in Minsk. But I also think, and I’m almost confident in that there will be the pressure on the Ukrainian president, to make the Ukrainian side fulfill the commitments which Ukraine, its political management agreed to fulfill in Minsk too. It will be difficult enough, tough negotiations. It is important that our delegation present the arguments that would be contested and based on the realities. Because Europe is interested in the same results as the majority of Ukrainian citizens - to end the bloodshed and find the path that leads to a reliable peace. So now it is necessary to give our own ideas, our own proposals. Do not just wait for that someone will offer something to us, and we just drop it, or agree on it, and then will not perform.

Western ministers will insist on a political settlement, first and foremost. Here is the greatest divergence, because the political solution can lead to the fact that Ukraine will become a new Bosnia, where there are no leaders but is the persistent problem in coordination of internal and foreign policy issues.

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