It's time to criminalize pro-Russian views

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So should we have to wait for another separatist with a baseball bat in the dark yard? No. An effective instrument and a weapon against them should become a law, which may become tantamount to decommunisation. Or – to denazification, as it was in post-war Germany
15:18, 6 September 2016

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Iryna Kovalchuk posing with a Russian flag on the Kremlin background on the Day of Ukrainian flag

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Ukrainian citizens Kovalchuk sisters y have published on their pages in social networks photos and posts that confirm support for Putin's aggressive policy towards their country. Both were university teachers, both worked in National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in Kyiv, and now both are fired. But in general, the fact that causes deep concern is not that Ukrainians urged Putin to send troops to Kyiv and put an end to the current regime, but the fact that their colleagues were aware of the views of sisters Kovalchuk and continued to work together with them.

University administration considered them as the good professionals, so they did not hurry to say goodbye to such valuable persons. Although, according to the rector Viktor Andrushchenko, postgraduate student Iryna Kovalchuk was fired two years ago. And her sister Inna Kovalchuk quit a few days after shared on Facebook photos of her sister with the Russian flag on the Day of Ukrainian flag, and herself - in the background of the Kremlin on the Day of Independence of Ukraine. But so far, she has worked at the university - a public institution, receiving a salary from the state budget of Ukraine according to staffing.

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The problem is not that there are some sincere fans of the state-aggressor and its president in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are enough of them in EU countries, even in those which are friendly to us. For example, the Latvian Narva town considered to be a pro-Russian enclave, as well as certain regions of Greece. I wonder why citizens with such views have equal rights with Ukrainians, who call the aggressor by its name. And if they do not fight with him, and do not engage in volunteering, then truly Ukrainians hold pro-Ukrainian position, without proving anything to anyone.

Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko as a senior official, called the reason for the tragedy near Ilovaisk a direct invasion of the Russian army. We agree: the actions of Ukrainian command, as well as our supreme authority, can’t be considered adequate, and we blame our officials. But the fact of aggression from Russia is undeniable, proven many times, and now the prosecutor general also is talking about it. After such events the tolerant attitude to compatriots who does not hide sympathies to the "Russian world", is categorically impossible.

By the way, the young men, who identified themselves as student activists and threw a cake on the Deputy Minister of Education demanding scholarships also seen to be sympathetic to the soldiers of the state- aggressor and the pro-Russian mercenaries. Even this fact alone negates any claims of these citizens. And such actions, in an amicable way, should be followed by the expulsion from the university, if these students really study there. Yes, scandals involving some of the new police officers having similar views, sometimes ended with dismissal. But for the most part adherents of the "Russian world" continue to live, study and fight, as bequeathed "great Putin", being next to us.

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For example, the previously mentioned sisters Kovalchuk may declare that they are persecuted for their beliefs. And that they have the same right to be photographed on the Red Square in Moscow with St. George ribbon and tricolor as Ukrainian tourists with the blue-yellow flag - on the streets and squares of European cities. By the same scheme are working the pro-Russian journalists who like to accuse those who want to close their mouths and channels for disseminating enemy propaganda, of oppression of freedom of speech. In general, any act against their own state today, when the rules of the hybrid war are still working and we have nothing to do with this, they try to show as the right to have their own views and express them publicly.

So should we have to wait for another separatist with a baseball bat in the dark yard? No. An effective instrument and a weapon against them should become a law, which may be tantamount to decommunisation. Or – to denazification, as it was in post-war Germany. Despite the fact that one part was controlled by the Soviet Communists, and the other has become a normal country, a public admiring of the Nazis there was not accepted.  The neo-fascism in any form is a crime. As well as communism is not something that can receive positive attitude in a civilized society. So it’s time to punish people for the public demonstration of the pro-Russian views in Ukraine. To begin with - at least not give them normal job and fine them for a serious amount. And then we'll see.

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