Not Olympics were the most shameful in history but officials’ attitude to athletes and coaches

Author : Volodymyr Mula

Source : 112 Ukraine

One may extol the exploits of athletes on Facebook, come the Olympics and even shake hands with sportsmen, sit on the podium and elegantly adjust his spectacles, but the true face of the whole bureaucracy of Soviet spirit is visible
18:58, 23 August 2016

Сборная Украины на открытии Олимпиады в Рио

Olympic Games in Rio proved to be very challenging for both our athletes and journalists. Many of my colleagues went to Brazil exclusively at their own expense, because the situation in journalism is identical to processes in Ukrainian sport. Journalists, as well as athletes only thanks to great dedication and love for their vocation got their licenses for a trip to Rio. And if other foreign reporters came to Brazil in groups and with the full all inclusive package, then from Ukraine at the Olympic Games worked 15 people who worked very hard here. The work of these people at least deserves respect.

“Do you know how much earns an ordinary photographer while working at the Olympic Games? 300 dollars a day! In Ukraine they didn’t want to pay me 300 dollars for the entire olympic period”, - sighed the photographer, code-named Freelancer ...

Among 206 athletes, only 11 returned to Ukraine with medals. For me, the problem is complex, because since independence we lavished training facilities, athletes, coaches ... athlete couldn’t  for 4 years receive salary of 2 000 UAH (80 USD), train in the terrible conditions without their own doctor and the conditions for recovery, pay for medicines and massages with their own funds, and then participate in  Olympics and show great results. I do not understand how one could meditate should he send a personal trainer along with the athlete or not.

“Only a few among our sport federations showed good results at the Olympic Games. What others do at the same time? The problem is that Ukraine has almost no high-qualified trainers. Those working – they cannot even explain what does it mean – the peak of fitness level. Ask them - you will be surprised.They do not conduct a systematic work, systematic training. They don’t provide the base for children - they run with a good speed – and trainers say “you run fast – you’ll be a runner”. But then no one is working on the physiology of running, correct movement "- talked physician under the code name Aybolit, whom I met in the Olympic Park after another bronze for Ukraine.

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"But we cannot compete physically with black people. How can we beat them?" - I looked in the physician’s eyes.

"Yes, we can! Why do they run fast? Genetics plays a role, of course! But they run correct! They do not make unnecessary movements. They are taught right from childhood. And there’s a problem with coaches in Ukraine, they do not work together with sport doctors, they can’t analyze the data. You know how our athletes studying at the University of Physical Education? This is the answer. Skilled specialists leave. A living example - Vitaliy Petrov. He led to the Olympic gold Bubka, Isinbayeva and this year Brazilian da Silva. That's all ... "- summed up the man.

During the meeting with physician I remembered another conversation with Ukrainian heavyweight, whom I accidentally saw in the Olympic Village. Athlete, code-named Sylach said that in Rio were used barbells with “soft” crossbars. Chinese have lobbied their model of barbell to organizing committee, and they foolishly approved it to the Olympic Games.

"We used to train with hard crossbar. And in Rio they used Chinese barbell, which is more flexible. Why Armenian had so badly injured? Because lifting the weight in such circumstances is many times difficult. If we got such barbell for at least a month earlier – we would be able to adapt. But oonly at the last moment we could feel the barbell, but it was too late "- Sylach sighed.

Meanwhile, out of gyms came Irina Deryugina. Tired, but with a sincere smile, she was frantically happy for her girls. After all, the whole world saw who actually had to get Olympic gold.

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"In our sport there are no neutral judges. If they  for that error Kudryavtseva made give her  17,883, they should be immediately disqualified! Stanyuta made a mistake – she received 16,633, and this is already closer to the truth. If Kudryavtseva received what she had to receive - Rizatdinova would be the second. But we again see the "triumph" of Russia. But I want to believe in the best. Many coaches do not pay attention to the assessment, and it very much injures the soul of athletes. I am no longer talking about the conditions in which they have to conduct trainings. And it’s impossible not to appreciate people who give their lives for the glory of Ukraine. And before the end I hope that the Government nevertheless will turn its attention to sport, otherwise in Tokyo we will see only the half of the current delegation. And maybe even less ... "- said Irina Deryugina.

Someone would call Summer Olympic Games in 2016 the most shameful in the history of independent Ukraine. But the most astonishing fact is precisely the attitude of Ukrainian officials to athletes and coaches who every single year glorifying the country in the world. One may extol the exploits of athletes on Facebook, come the Olympics and even shake hands with sportsmen, sit on the podium and elegantlyadjust his spectacles, but the true face of the whole bureaucracy of Soviet spirit is visible.

"Our trip will take 36 hours! 36! We woke up at 5 am and were taken by bus to Sao Paulo. At 13.30 we were at the airport, but departure was scheduled for 19.30. And then again in Amsterdam we waited for a flight to Kyiv "- sighed athlete, code-named Orysia.

So, if you don’t want to see Iryna Deriugina’s words come true, remember and support our athletes – with a smile, a kind word, applause. After all, they are the best that we have!

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