Israel and Ukraine: 404 project

Author : Uriel Stern

Source : 112 Ukraine

Two countries with a long history and tremendous national heritage now are forced to prove their right to life
21:10, 19 August 2016

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Indonesia, which was a part of Dutch East Indies, did not have to prove anything the world. The same situation is with many artificially created countries, placed under British and French mandate. They are just lined out on the map, but they do exist. At the same time, Israel and Ukraine are often present to the world as something non-existent, fictitious, and unreal. It is like the 404 error on the Internet: you are here by mistake.

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Even Karl Marx wrote that the Jews are a chimerical nation. This nation does not exist, it is invented. Jews are simply bourgeois. With the disappearance of bourgeoisie, the Jews will disappear. The theory of the fictional nation was happy replicated in Soviet Russia. The evidence was the different color of eyes and hair, as well as other “objective” arguments.

What does Russia say about Ukraine today? There is no such nation as the Ukrainians. Ukraine has no right to exist. This is a project of the West. Since 1948, the Soviet propaganda told about Israel. Israel is a fictional state of American Zionists; it is the US State Department project.

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As a man of Jewish origin, whose life is connected with Ukraine, I am afraid of all these things. I realize the similarity of Ukraine’s and Israel’s fates, and do not understand why we have to prove something, to fight for own borders, and fight for their right to exist? The answer lies on the surface. People who dream about the collapse of our countries surround us. They are pursued by a mad dream to destroy our two countries. They are chronically hate the Other.

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Dictatorial regimes hate Jews and Ukrainians. There is only one country in the East, where Arabs can live freely outside their home, and it is Israel. There is only one country where Russians can feel absolutely free, have the right to vote, and speak their own language. This is Ukraine. People, who have their own schools and theaters in Ukraine, say that their right are infringed here. Nonsense.

Israel and Ukraine are like a mirror image of each other. Arabs say they are oppressed in Israel. When someone from the Arab country comes to Israel and sees the life of Arabs in this country, they are just envious. At the same time, we are well aware of the laws adopted in Russia that restrict the rights of Russians. This is the country that has been perishing centuries-old tradition of destroying intelligentsia, killing its poets, writers, and journalists.

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The problem is that with this we have to live with it. And, perhaps, this is our advantage that Israel and Ukraine today have to prove their right for life. Remember the story of Steve Jobs? His mom and dad abandoned him. They have violated his rights to be their son. They considered him a 404 mistake. He just wanted to prove to his parents that he could be a good son, and he did it. God willing, Ukraine and Israel will prove to the world that they are not just countries that have the right to exist. I am sure that it will take years, and people would wish their countries to be flourishing like Ukraine and Israel.

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