Is there anti-Semitism in Ukraine? Look at the facts

Author : Viktor Ruzhynsky

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Some people think there is no growth of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, and if there are any cases - it is the Kremlin's intrigues. Actually, even a letter of American congressmen about the situation with anti-Semitism in Poland and Ukraine in our country was assessed as something that was inspired by Russia.
22:38, 16 May 2018

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine after this published a harsh statement, in which "strongly rejected any insinuations and accusations that the manifestations of anti-Semitism on the territory of our state were allegedly growing." True, President Petro Poroshenko personally wrote a post on his Facebook, in which he directly pointed out at the problem: "I strongly condemn any manifestations of intolerance and anti-Semitism. I consider it unacceptable to bring this shameful phenomenon to Ukraine - as it recently took place during the actions in Lviv and Odesa. " That is, in fact, the president wrote that there is a problem, but the Foreign Ministry is sure that this is all insinuations.

At the same time, Poroshenko promises that "the reaction of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to such illegal actions will be instantaneous." And the Foreign Ministry is sure that the law enforcement agencies are already "investigating and bringing to justice everyone guilty of such violations."

Our Foreign Ministry notes that according to the Monitoring Group of National Minorities Rights of the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine, no cases of anti-Semitic violence were reported in Ukraine in 2017, and according to the results of the PEW Research Center poll, the level of anti-Semitism in Ukraine is the lowest in Central and Eastern Europe.

On January 21, 2018, on the eve of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Minister for Diaspora Affairs of Israel Naftali Bennet presented the annual report "Anti-Semitism in 2017". The report says that against the backdrop of a decrease in the number of incidents in Eastern Europe, the number of incidents related to anti-Semitism in Ukraine has doubled, in addition, their amount is larger than in other countries of the post-Soviet space. Also, the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs of Israel claims that for the second year in a row the greatest number of incidents have been recorded in Ukraine: anti-Semitic propaganda in political discourse, vandalism against Jewish places (cemeteries, memorial places of Holocaust victims and public buildings). The report of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs of Israel also mentions the activities of the Institute of National Memory of Ukraine. They accuse the institution of glorifying some of the national heroes who allegedly took part in the humiliation of the Jewish population.

What are these incidents, which the Israeli Ministry is talking about? Let's see what happened in 2017.

In March, in a group of teenagers in Dnipro meet a rabbi whose name was not disclosed for reasons of confidentiality. They pushed him. The adolescents shouted insults and threats: "All of you have to be killed," "Jews get out of here," and so on. The conflict was confined to a verbal skirmish. The victim appealed to the police, where the case was opened with preliminary qualification "Hooliganism".

In March, unknown vandals desecrated a monument to the victims of the Holocaust on the outskirts of Ternopil, near the village of Petrykiv. With the red paint criminals crossed the Magendavid on the stele and painted double lightning (symbol of the SS).

In March, at the Jewish cemetery in the Odesa region, the vandals broke and turned over monuments to those killed in the Great Patriotic War. In the same month near Odesa, unknown people destroyed a monument in honor of the victims of the Holocaust.

In April, it became known about the desecration of the memorial at the site of mass executions of the Holocaust times near Kostopil (Rivne region). Monument on the same day was cleaned from graffiti by students of the local construction and technology college.

On April 28, in the village of Petrykiv in Ternopil region, unknown persons desecrated a memorial stone on the grave of the Holocaust victims: the sign and wreaths beside it were covered with oil.

In May, an act of vandalism was committed in the Jewish cemetery in Cherkasy. Unknown vandals with the help of a stencil with black paint draw Nazi symbols and the inscription "Tolerance is a weakness."
In June, unknown persons threw a bottle of Molotov cocktail into the wall of the functioning synagogue in Lviv. From the building of the former Jewish community house on the Sholom-Aleikhem Street, 12 memorial tablets disappeared.

In just six months. This list can be continued, there are many such facts. Yes, there is less number of cases of physical violence, but vandalism with the smell of anti-Semitism has grown.

The Ministry for Diaspora Affairs of Israel draws attention to the lack of sufficient political will in Ukraine to counter manifestations of anti-Semitism, which are often described as hooliganism, and not as hate crimes. As a result, the vandals attack several times in a row the same object.

In Ukraine, it is customary to see everything as provocations of the Kremlin. In the statement mentioned above, the Foreign Ministry says this quite harshly: "Such shameful provocations are often inspired by the Kremlin regime, which uses the tools of hybrid aggression to shatter the political situation and once again cast a shadow of anti-Semitism on Ukraine." Thus, in October 2017, the National Police of Ukraine unmasked a coordinated from Russia criminal group that for years committed attacks on places of religious pilgrimage, monuments of architecture and religious buildings, including defiled synagogues," said in a statement.

Perhaps this is true, because we do not catch vandals and bring to justice. However, what about the nationalists who walk on the streets with Nazi signs, bring them to the stadiums, publicly conduct anti-Semitic discussions, bring this shameful phenomenon to Ukrainian politics? The Svoboda Party is the leader in these manifestations. During the marches of nationalists often sound anti-Semitic slogans. For example, on January 1, 2017, during a torchlight procession, a part of the column chanted "Juden – get out!"

And the head of the right-wing Odesa cell of the "Right Sector" Tetyana Soykina on the "March of the Ukrainian order" in Odesa on May 2 of this year stated that Ukraine will belong to "Ukrainians, not Jews": "We believe, we are sure that we will establish in Odesa and Ukraine a true Ukrainian order, Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians, not Jews."

Ukrainian officials also do not disdain such a thing.

The mayor of the Ukrainian town of Skole, Volodymyr Moskal, says that the authorities in Ukraine are "Moscow-Jewish", that 70 to 95% of Jews were in power, analyzes Kabbalah and Torah and concludes that Jewish children are taught from childhood that others are enemies and that Jews want death to them, and if you isolate the 50 richest Jews, then there will be no wars, and that Jews provided Stalin with victory.

Here is the People's Deputy Nadiya Savchenko saying on the air of the TV channel to the whole country: "If the people are talking about this (the Jewish yoke in Ukraine, the viewer's question), then they are telling the truth. And yes, our authorities really have a non-Ukrainian blood ... You can talk about this - what to do with this? You have to think and act!"

And now it became known that the consul of Ukraine in Germany, yes, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who categorically assured that there is no anti-Semitism in Ukraine, writes in his Facebook: "Jews proclaimed the war against Germany in 1934", "God, punish Jews", "Babi Yar. Not in Moscow in 1941, but in Ukraine in 1918 -1941, "Jews - s**t "(the spelling of the author of the messages is preserved, - Ed).

"This whole wave of anti-Semitism is not accidental, it is a product of years of ignoring the problem at all levels: politicians, society, law enforcement agencies. And not only ignoring, but also artificially downplaying the problem. Also earlier, international Jewish organizations - the World Jewish Congress , The Anti-Defamation League, the National Coalition in Support of the Jews of Eurasia, etc. paid attention to the problem. There was no answer - the politicians did not react, the police did not initiate the case, only after the letter of Congress anti-Semitic acts were condemned by President Poroshenko and Interior Minister Avakov, several criminal cases were opened, "said the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky.

Until there will be no responsibility for such incidents, we will continue to crawl into the abyss of the country with cave anti-Semitism.

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