Is it possible to fight corruption in Ukraine?

Author : Oleksandr Okhrimenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

One of the favorite activities of our power is to fight against corruption. But the result of this struggle seems to be strange.
22:35, 2 July 2018

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I want to remind you that the Maidan was held under the slogan of combating corruption, which the "evil ruler" loved and supported very much. Immediately after the Maidan, lustration was carried out, which aimed at clearing state bodies of corrupt officials. And even then, a large number of public organizations appeared that ruthlessly uncovered the facts of corruption and told about corrupt officials who interfere with the reforms in Ukraine. The result of this entire struggle was that very often the real corrupt officials gave bribes to the lustrators and thus remained in their offices, but people who really "lived on one salary" could not give a bribe, they were solemnly fired as terrible corrupt people. As a result, corruption has only grown. The size of "kickbacks" increased by at least 10%. It was necessary to pay "fighters against corruption."

After the second wave of fighting corruption the Anti-Corruption Bureau and now the Anti-Corruption Court were organized. All these bodies were created with a lot of PR and stories that now the corruption in Ukraine will be destroyed. But corruption only grew and flourished. All these anti-corruption bodies very quickly became the centers of corruption, with which you can solve all your problems, you need only money. As a result, despite the fact that we have such a bunch of fighters, the state budget of Ukraine receives revenues from confiscation and sale of property of corrupt officials for hundreds of thousands of hryvnias, while hundreds of millions of hryvnias spend their money fighting against corruption. Absurd? Indeed, the absurdity, which we call the fight against corruption.

It is impossible to overcome corruption, only by creating bodies to combat it. This was tested in ancient China. During the reign of the Tang Empire, a "brocade gown" service was created, which fought corruption. However, then the emperor had to create a secret police, which ensured that the "brocade gowns" did not take bribes themselves. In the end, everything ended sadly. For the Tang empire, not for corrupt officials.

If you really want to overcome corruption in Ukraine, then it's very simple. To begin with- all corruption can be divided into business corruption and domestic corruption. Business corruption is corruption that "helps" to do business; it exists in the US, the EU and practically in all countries of the world. The difference between our business corruption and business corruption in the United States is that it's "glossed over". To obtain the necessary permits or licenses, to win in court, to solve his business issues, a businessman in the US or the EU pays a bank transfer for services to a lawyer or to a consulting company a million or even several million. Everyone understands that this is a common bribe, but they pretend that this is just a payment for an expensive service. Ultimately, lawyers and consultants "resolve issues" with judges and state officials and help the latter "whitewash bribes" so that the US and the EU can teach us that we have the type of corruption, and they have this type of lobbying. Essence does not change it. But it's beautiful. The paradox of this situation is that bribe-takers pay taxes on bribes, and everyone is happy. This is what the US and EU want from Ukraine - to give a bribe, but beautifully, in the European way. The trouble is - such bribes are always greater than bribes in Ukraine. You have to pay for the "whitening" of the bribe. So everything is clear about business corruption.

Domestic corruption is a bribe that you give to an employee or a policeman to speed up the matter or "get off" from the fine. Here, everyday corruption can be easily won. To do this, you need to make the salaries of small civil servants really large, and even with a large social package, which they will receive when they retire. In this case, neither the policeman nor the small state official will not take bribes. It will be dangerous for them to do it. Because they have something to lose. And now, when small civil servants receive a salary at the beggar's level, it is difficult to demand from them that they do their job well without "gifts." As you can see, everything is simple. It is necessary only for the Ukrainian authorities not to create all sorts of loafers to fight corruption, but at the expense of this money to raise the salaries of small civil servants.

As for bribes to doctors in a clinic. Then it's even simpler. Private medicine and medical insurance are done, and all bribes to doctors disappear. There will be a normal payment for services, as it happens in a hairdresser salon when you pay for a haircut. As for bribes in school. Stop cunning. Do not give bribes to teachers for good grades for your kids, and there will be no bribes.

It is clear that no one wants to actually destroy corruption in Ukraine. For the authorities, it is profitable, for business too, and as well for drivers who like to violate traffic rules, but do not want to pay fines. Then it is unclear - for whom this whole fight against corruption is going?

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