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Author : Yevgen Dykyi

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The state is not fulfilling its direct duties - does not protect people against enemy aggression. In this case, society is forced to defend itself and replace the functions of the state with actions of activists
22:48, 8 September 2016

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Briefly about the events at and around “Inter” TV channel.

There are many people around shouting that “we shouldn’t do such things”, “we are not like that”. In theory this is true. In a peaceful country this is true not even in theory but in reality. But how about the country which is fighting?

In such country events also may be different. There should be not the veterans-activists holding picket and setting fire to tires, but polite and strict law enforcers, who even two years ago could close this enemy horn for at least the time to end the war with a neighboring state. And also could arrest or, with exclusive Ukrainian humanism, deport from the country all those who are personally in contact with the state, which is fighting against us, and its collaborators in the occupied territory.

If such a scheme does not work - this means that so-called "Ukrainian" government is not fulfilling its direct duties - does not protect us from enemy aggression. In this case, the society is again forced to defend itself and replace the functions of the state with actions of activists – as in the summer of 2014 volunteers substituted existing only on the paper Ukrainian army.

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What is currently taking place around the "Inter" TV channel - that's neither lynching nor mayhem. This is the latest attempt to negotiate with the state and force it, maybe through unwillingness, but to begin to fulfill its direct duties and protect us from the aggression of the Russian Federation. In particular, to protect our information space in which the enemy currently feels like home and is offensive to us daily, while the voice of Ukrainian society is almost inaudible.

It is still very legitimate and law-abiding voice of society addressed to officials in the hope of remains of their common sense (here we even don’t say about their patriotism or conscience). Believe us that mayhem and lynching look quite different from that.

However, if the call of picket participants will not be heard by the state, or will drown in the cries of “this is provocation, the Putin’s plan, we shouldn’t behave like this, where’s our freedom of speech” – in this case Ukrainian society will be forced to start their own cleaning of information space from enemy influence and agents.

And then the difference between the smoke from the windows of "Inter" and the cleansing fire of national self-defense will quickly become evident to all.

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