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Hanna Herman, a former People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Party of Regions and ex-deputy head of the Administration of Viktor Yanukovych on June 26 gave evidence in the Obolonsky court of Kyiv as a witness in the case of the treason of the ex-president. She was invited at the court session by Yanukovych's lawyers, in the morning they submitted a relevant petition for interrogation. During his time, questions to the witness were traditionally received from the panel of judges, lawyers and prosecutors, and what exactly Hanna Herman had time to tell - read in our article.
21:47, 9 July 2018

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On relations with Yanukovych

I have no relationship with Viktor Yanukovych since he left Ukraine ... (Before his flight from Ukraine?) Yes, and official relationships also, I worked with Viktor Yanukovych for more than 10 years. There was a time when I left the presidential administration because I somewhat disagreed with the policy pursued by it. I was a candidate for parliament, I became a member of parliament. But when the revolution in Ukraine began, I went to Viktor Yanukovych, asked to help him to the end, because I understood that my vital position is needed now for the president, and the president agreed. I was near him until the last minute of his stay in Ukraine. Moreover, I communicated with him even from the Crimea.

On early presidential elections in 2014 and Yanukovych's participation

Episode one: it concerned the signing of an agreement between the opposition and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on a peaceful settlement of the conflict. At the request of Viktor Yanukovych, I personally prepared a statement for him that he announced premature presidential elections in Ukraine in order to avoid the aggravation of the conflict. I prepared this statement, and when I brought it to him for approval, he read it, signed it, and when I was already leaving to go to the Verkhovna Rada and to announce it to reporters, he returned me and said: "Give me this document". I gave him this document, and he personally corrected it: in the sentence "I'm going to early presidential elections" he crossed out "I'm going" and wrote, "I agree to hold an extraordinary presidential election in Ukraine." I asked Viktor Yanukovych why he crossed out "I'm going." He said that if he ran, he might have been told that he went to this in order to delay the process and stay in power, and he would like this statement and position to give more opportunities for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

On voting for the removal of Yanukovych

I said: "Viktor, do you know that now the Parliament put the question on the fact that you left the country to vote?". And he says: "How?". When something unexpected came to him, he switched to Russian even with me, although he always spoke with me in Ukrainian. I told him that a bill on the suspension of him was put to the vote now in connection with the fact that he had left the country. He says: "Anna, well, I'm in Kharkiv, you tell them that they cannot vote for this." Since it was impossible to come to the parliament, Jan Tabachnyk and Yuri Miroshnichenko were beaten up very badly, I dialed the telephone of the then chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, and asked to join me. But they did not connect me, although I was a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, they were obliged to connect me with the chairman. Then I dialed on the mobile phone Vadym Novinsky, who at that time was in the office of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. I told him that I ask him to tell the chairman that now it cannot be voted because the president is on the territory of Ukraine and the time will come, and if you do this, it will undermine the legality of this vote ... And this will be the main thing that will give Yanukovych the opportunity to say that he is still legal ... I called again and again, but the conclusions were not made.

About trip to Crimea

The law on the removal of Viktor Yanukovych from power for leaving Ukraine was adopted at the time when he was still in Kharkiv. Later I received a call from Crimea. I was called not from the Crimea, I got a call from Deputy Head of the presidential administration under Klyuyev (seems, it was Chmyr, who was responsible for relations with the press). And he said that there is a request from Andriy Klyuyev, who is now in Crimea with the president, that you come and prepare a press conference for the president, as the president wrote letters to those foreign guarantors of the peace settlement, the foreign ministers of Poland, Germany, and France, who signed an agreement on a peaceful settlement of the conflict, and the president wants to make a statement about it ... I then answered that I will not go to Crimea. I said that the situation in Kyiv is very difficult, as a deputy, I should be here and I will not go to Crimea. I refused to go to Crimea. Later I learned that the president had left the country, and this was a huge surprise for me.

About Yanukovych and Donetsk people

Time convinced that Yanukovych was right then. Another thing is that he could not explain this to people. He was not a good speaker, we know that. He was very good as a manager, he knew the economy, but it was hard for him to talk to people. If he had prepared the public opinion in time, not at the last moment, but, say, for half a year earlier, convinced people that they had to wait, get the best terms, and then sign (Association Agreement with the EU, - Ed.), I think that the catastrophe that occurred in Ukraine, which led to the collapse of our state and the actual destruction of our state, would not have happened. But his only fault was that he did not know how to talk to people, Donetsk people did not know how important the word is, how important it is to listen to the word, how important it is to go out to journalists on time, talk to them, speak frankly, and not wait until the last moment. They did not know this, they did not know how to do this. But Yanukovych has always strived to act in a way that would be better for the future of Ukraine, and, suspending the signing of the agreement, only pausing the signing of this agreement, he had only one goal - to bargain for Ukraine, for better economic conditions.

About Roma people and Party of Regions

Yuri Miroshnichenko is one of the most democratic deputies I know ... He does a lot to unite people in order to smooth out conflicts and seek mutual understanding in Ukraine. But then, if you were a member of the Party of Regions, you were in a situation in which Roma in Ukraine are now being shot, killed, destroyed and burned, without asking what they are to blame or not to blame for. And the last case with the murder of Gypsies in Lviv is another example of how the existence of certain radical forces that are absolutely uncontrollable today in the state, how a person can feel deprived of rights. Such deprived of rights as the Roma people are in Ukraine now, then felt all the members of the Party of Regions. Many of them, my colleagues, just left the state. I was also offered to leave Ukraine for good, offered very good conditions. My answer was that I would not leave Ukraine, because I have a "cargo-200" here, which I cannot take with me.

About Yan Tabachnyk

Yan Tabachnyk called me with tears and said: "Anna, forgive me for writing a statement that I'm leaving the Party and moving to another faction and will vote as they say." Forgive me, I have small children. "I was beaten, they threatened me, everything that I have will be taken away from me. For you, Anna, it's easier, you have nothing to lose. "

On the "innocence" of Yanukovych

I always said that we must go to court, we must stand at the trial, we must seek the truth. I am convinced, in particular, that Viktor Yanukovych will find the truth in court. If not in this ... And I think that this court can also be fair. Because it already happened that there was an unfair trial. Remember Judge Kireyev: time has passed, and everything fell into place. And today the judges, I think, in Ukraine have drawn conclusions, they understand that power comes and goes, and a fair court in Ukraine must remain. I am absolutely convinced that this fair trial will justify Viktor Yanukovych because he did not want anything bad for Ukraine. He had a lot of mistakes.

About the court

If Viktor ventures to face the fair trial (here, or in any European country), he will have the right, even if this court does not do it right. If this court succumbs to pressure and makes a decision that Yanukovych is a state traitor, which is an absolute lie, then he has the right to go to other world courts, and there are fair courts and he will get the court, but he must face it. We must respect the court, and we must give evidence to the court and say everything that we know, for the sake of no longer us, but for those who will come to Ukraine after us.

On the agreement with the opposition and Parasyuk

This transaction was not executed, because at the time when Yanukovych carried out his part of the deal and removed all the military, all security from the administration, from the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet, Parasyuk immediately went to Maidan and called on the people to storm, and the people went... Yanukovych fulfilled that part of the agreement that was him, but the second part, under which the opposition representatives and guarantors of a peace settlement - the foreign ministers of Germany, Poland and France signed, was not executed, which was the reason for Yanukovych to appeal from the Crimea to them via letters.

On the letters of Yanukovych

Then there was a letter to Putin. There were letters to Germany, Poland, France and Russia as to the parties that negotiated the settlement of the conflict then, who acted as guarantors. Russia, however, did not sign it, it refused, and Poland, Germany and France signed, and the president, when all these conditions were not met and he was in a situation – of what to do next, he sent them these letters. As far as I know, later there was such a letter to the Russian side, although they did not sign the agreement.

On the flight of Yanukovych

Even his flight from Ukraine was to ensure that his personality did not sow more discord and that the civil war did not begin here in Kyiv, and not only in Donbas and Crimea.

Several times during our telephone contacts, when Viktor Yanukovych flew to Kharkiv, to Donetsk, he stressed to me ... I asked where he was going. "I will not leave Ukraine, I'm going to talk to people in the east of Ukraine." Yanukovych was not going to leave Ukraine. I do not know what prompted him, I do not know, but, as far as I understand, as far as he expressed himself later, Viktor believed that his stay here in Ukraine would lead to an even more aggravated conflict. His supporters could face his opponents, and blood could be spilled massively, and civil war could begin in Ukraine, and it was scary. He was always more afraid for those people on both sides of the barricades than for himself. I know it. I have proof of this. If Yanukovych allows me to open some of our conversations that are not my private property, then I will present to the court a lot of substantive evidence of this.

On the appeal of Yanukovych to Putin

I did not see this letter. When I read in the press messages that such letter existed - as a people's deputy, I gave my comments. I said that I do not believe that the president of Ukraine can summon the troops of a foreign state to his state. But if he did, I cannot support him on this.

About security in Ukraine after the flight of Yanukovych

After this date, no one feels safe in Ukraine. You know how many people died in Donbas, you know how many people are killed on the streets every day, and I quite understand those people who are leaving Ukraine. You cannot ask people to sacrifice their lives. I'm here – I’m a bad example because my situation is exclusive. I will not leave Ukraine.

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