Impersonal war: Martyrology of Donbas mercenaries

Author : Pavlo Kazarin

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine is not waging a war against certain people; this is the war for the values ​​
10:10, 13 February 2017

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Martyrology of Donbas mercenaries is growing so fast that these motions are too fast for the eyes to follow. Bednov, Ishchenko, Voznik, Mozgovoi, Dremov, Zhilin, Pavlov, Bolotov - this list can be long, but why? By and large, all the main public face of Russia's invasion have left this world. Against this background, Igor Strelkov and Alexander Boroday look random lucky people; they managed to stay alive during the war and also after their own resignation. No one can say for sure, whether their chapter is closed.

The killing of Michail "Givi" Tolstykh was not just another link in the chain. It was another closure of the file on myth of "Donbas militants." The myth, which has been produced by the Russian propaganda machine for the past three years. And it makes us worry.

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Donbas war, from its first day, was a story about instrumentality. And the images of its "heroes" were constructed. We know almost nothing about the past warlords. It seems that "Motorola" was washing machine, and "Givi" worked as a loader, Zakharchenko was selling poultry. April 2014 was the point of reset time. At a time when Moscow decided to create a pantheon of "heroic fighters for Novorossia," all these people began to create their biographies.

According to the authors, Motorola and Givi were to serve as a role model for the direct representatives of the "popular masses." A true model of success: yesterday you were a nobody, today you have become everything. Kalashnikov assault rifle as a social elevator.

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Givi and Motorola have been a model for the different target groups. A resident of the Republic of Komi Arsen Pavlov as a role model of the Russian volunteer from the provinces.

A native of Ilovaysk, Michail "Givi" Tolstykh, as a benchmark for Ukrainian citizens from the occupied territories, ready to fight against Ukraine. Trench brotherhood of the peoples, inter-brigades, and other half-forgotten Soviet maneuvers.

But now it is in the past. Their death drew a line under the new "The Truman Show." And those who write, that death would be a pedestal for them, are wrong. History has always written by the winners, and there is no room for "warlords of Novorossia."

The fiddler is not needed

Because "Novorossia" would not exist. Primarily, Moscow itself does not need it. The Kremlin does not need a new Transnistria, but rather obedient Ukraine. And the question is on which terms Donbas would return to Ukraine.

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Moscow dreams about to turn Donbas into antidote to independence. It is a kind of vaccination of Ukrainian sovereignty. To do this, Russia needs only one thing - to achieve the status of a separate region, amnesty of the militants, and their legalization through elections. And then the legalized militants would get control over the border.

Any such option now causes allergies in Ukrainian society, especially thanks to those the Donbas war to “invent” their heroic biographies. Moscow tries to turn Donbas back to Ukraine, and to do it, Russia should grade the importance of the idea of "irreconcilable differences."

"Motorola" and "Givi" were the main irritants for the unoccupied parts of the country. During the three years of fighting, they have become some kind personified evil, the epitome of personal armed Ukrainophobia.

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"Peace at any price" was considered unacceptable because "Givi and Motorola will sit in the parliament." Now they definitely would not. And it does not matter who or what caused the death of Donbas warlords. Sooner or later, Moscow would still have to deal with this issue. To "inculcate" Donbas to Ukraine, the unnecessary stimuli need to be removed. Givi and Motorola were needed to recruit the volunteers. And now the situation has changed.

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Values and Labels

And this is the most important moment in this story. Rejoicing at the death of the warlords can serve as another proof of how strongly we personified the war. But Ukraine does not fight against Givi and Motorola, Mozgovoi or Dremov. Kremlin is on the other side of the barricades. We should not confuse the war for the values with the war against certain people.

It does not matter how many warlords would join this martyrology. Names do not matter. Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, Khodakovsky - all these people are just puppets.

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The whole history of this conflict is not just the battle for independence and sovereignty. This is the war of the past and the future. Pro-Soviet and non-Soviet. Autocracy and Freedom. This is an attempt to reevaluate 1918th year. The battle for the right to live without regard to the former metropolis. The mental battle between the Ukrainian and Little Russian.

And the biggest mistake would be to forget it.

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