Ice fury. Why Tyson Fury has no chance against Wladimir Klitschko

Author : Sergey Zaburannyi

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ultimately, Tyson Fury is degraded copy of Wladimir Klitschko
08:34, 28 November 2015

The last autumn Saturday, we are expecting for the next - 19th in a row, title defense by Wladimir Klitschko. This time, the opponent will be Englishmen Tyson Fury. The fight is of great interest, Fury is considered a dangerous adversary. Let’s take a look, what should we expect from Klitschko.

"Klitschko bargained all advantages for himself and I need gloves in which I will not break my hands. After knocking him, I will continue my carrier so I need hand to hit other boxers. I just need normal gloves. Or he agrees to give me gloves I want, or there will be no fight. Fight on bare fists would be the only alternative. "

The pure Fury is in this quote. It was too much of him before the fight; he uses media at maximum and the attention that the fight against champion gives him.  

In general, there was a strange situation. The question about gloves as usual stated in the contract, so why this question arose just now? But even without such claims, the fight cancellation mysteriously is in the air.  By the way, David Haye, that knows perfectly well both boxers, was willing to bet this summer that the fight will not take place.

All other events develop in a usual scenario. Provocations, swashbuckling bravados of competitors, then the fight and everything happens according to our champion script. That same was with David Haye, Samuel Peter, Shannon Briggs, and most probably it will be so with Fury.

The intrigue of the battle

From 2006 Wladimir  Klitschko successfully defend his champion title, he got used to put impudent fellows to where they belong. He justifies his nickname "Steel Hammer", when breaks dreams of rivals about championships, using the ring like an anvil. It doesn’t look spectacular all the time, but effectively, with minimum risks for him. That's the whole Wladimir Klitschko.

The name Fury was given after Mike Tyson, dominating on super heavy weight in early ‘90s with a scandalous character. Surname and name oblige him to astonish the public.  

Essentially, Fury is not offering something new, he place a role of jester, using him Irish and Gypsy roots. Successfully tries on the role of glad-hander, to recall the associations with Bred Pitt’s hero from the Snatch directed by Guy Ritchie. There too many promises in Fury’s words, others blood and torn hearts of rivals.

Irish heart, English blood – this is I ‘m made of. There is no one on Earth, which I’m scared of, for sure not this Russian pintle. I will rip his teeth and will kiss my ass with them, I will rip his tongue and lick the balls "- that was the promise for Klitschko that roared from Fury in the late summer.

He knows how to increase the degree of competition, to add a hardcore to the fight. It’s okay that his rhetoric and outrageous suit more to the wrestling but not to the classical box of heavy weight division.  But he knows how to warm the audience’s interest. This is exactly what Wladimir needs.  

We deal with pure marketing, Fury just sell the fight, that Klitschko confirmed.

“I’m very happy to have as a competitor one, who can entertain people, but not to sit with a gloomy face and say: ”Thank you, champion, for grating this chance.” I’ve heard this for too many times. I’m grateful to Tyson Fury for the shows he organizes. I’m grateful to all British flamboyants – David Haye, Dereck Chisora and now Tyson Fury that continue their activities”, - reported Klitschko.

For Wladimir  this is a last fight on the contract of HBO, if he has in view the US market he has to give a show, otherwise there will be no new contract. This rival could be an advantage in such a sense.  Fury is responsible for entourage before the fight, this is his plane – lots of words, jokes, tricks on all events, connected to the fight. On the ring Klitschko is responsible for drive, exactly in this way Wladimir usually determine rhythm and scenario of the fight. To tell the truth, people are waiting for too long for a bright fight of Klitschko.

Evaluation of opponent

The Fury’s statistic looks good – from 24 victories, 18 – by knockout, so it shouldn’t be surprise. Average sterile performance of the contender for title, form serious rival Dereck Chisoracan be outlined.

“He didn’t meet the harsh hitting of Klitshcko level, and can’t boast of such a strong blow by himself”, - Chisora confirms.

What Fury has to offer? He is bit tall that Klitschko. Taller, heavier, has wider arm span. He is also good at clinch, so Wladimir won’t have traditional advantage. He is significantly younger, so he is more mobile, demonstrated good job with 2 stands. From the other side, his strike is weak, that deprives him of the chance to sit in the defense in the hope of a lucky punch. He should offer something completely insane, desperate battle in the style of the older Klitschko against Lennox Lewis. Vitali Klitschko, probably, the last challenger from heavyweight division, who really tried to use the chance to compete the champion. All others, including opponents of the Klitschko brothers,were  too cautious, afraid to take a chance. If Fury fights like a calm Haye, who is also promised a lot of before the fight, he has no chance. Because by and large Tyson Fury –is deterioration copy of Wladimir Klitschko. He is able to do almost all the same thing as Wladimir, just a little bit worse. His chance of an aggressive strategy, but whether he is ready to offer this?

The strength of Klitschko

There is nothing new I can tell, you’ve read this before.  Perfect timing, feet work, a sense of distance, an effective jab – everything is with him. He bit a blow, but became much better to keep them. With regard to the age and the aging process may, I think it’s prematurely to talk about it. Wladimir is in great shape, not only in preparation for a fight, but in everyday life. This is a very important aspect. Yes, he can no longer act as torture workouts, as he had done before, then he needs to regroup, to avoid injury, but otherwise he just adds. I'm talking about a combination of physical, mental and emotional components. He is in a constant process of working on his shortcomings, progressively getting rid of them. We can say that Wladimir Klitschko has become almost a perfect fighter, with no apparent weaknesses and while still not losing physically.

Fury’s dimensions should not cause any concerns. According to many boxers Wladimir feels even better with the rivals like himself, for example, Mariusz Wach;, one of the last indicative rivals. Klitschko knows how to work in such cases.

"It is obvious that in the battle with the young men that are comparable in size with me, I always act no less aggressive than in duels with the equally stunted. My competitor is above me, I will be working on the case. My opponent's big belly and I hope there will be enough room for a good blow, "-  Wladimir promises.

As before, the champion allows a lot to opponents before the fight, but doesn’t give them to do in the ring. It is difficult to anger him or offend. Klitschko will treat the face and the body rival with German thoroughness, anticipating any real pretensions to his side.

Somehow Wladimir admitted that he expects more from each rival than one can show in practice. This is because he is aware of how championship belts can motivate, one step away from the target, literally at arm's length. Therefore he doesn’t give himself a reason to relax in preparation, and then with his king jabs holds back an opponent at a distance of his arm. This time Fury has longer hands but will this help him? 

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