Humiliation of the "world" power

Author : Lilia Shevtsova

Source : 112 Ukraine

Even the allies do not want to help maintain Russia’s greatness
11:10, 25 January 2019

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Get ready for a new disappointment. However, you had to be prepared for it. It is not about biting by the sanctions, which might be circumvented and even removed with the help of Western lobbyists. This is how Oleg Deripaska is trying to do this.

Russia will have to get prepared for a real slap. Moreover, for a broken spine.

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When the internal “staples” are destroyed, the Kerch Bridge, the football championship, statehood, that is, a demonstration of power and a claim to greatness, are proclaimed national pride, it turns out to be the last resource of the autocracy. But what to do if this resource is exhausted and if the world does not want to pretend it exists?

Even the allies do not want to help maintain Russia’s greatness.

Three decades after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia was able to lengthen the inertia of the past, maintaining its statehood due to its recognition by the world community. Although, we have no excuses for it apart from history, geography, and the nuclear mechanism. The West does not know how to behave with Russia and is afraid of its sensitivity, so it agreed to play at the giveaway.

The tacit (albeit conditional) recognition of Russia's right to have "spheres of influence" in the post-Soviet space and its special relationship with America was a confirmation of Russia's greatness claims. But today the sovereign ridge has broken.

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Ukraine’s flight to Europe was a blow to Eurasian dream of being under Russia’s authority. Lukashenko, who refused to give up Belarusian sovereignty in exchange for parasitism on the Russian budget, slapped Moscow in the face.

But what is more important here, the US does not want to maintain "bipolar relations" with Russia as the basis of world security. America does not pretend that Russia is a world power, whose position should be taken into consideration.

After all, it is an offense! Our statehood is buried by the most pro-Kremlin president of the United States.

Our experts advise Russia to “be remote” in relation to the West and America. Well, and how will we do this if America ignores us?! However, can a state, claiming to be a monarchy, take a remote position?

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However, this trouble could be handled, imitating the power in Syria and Venezuela. Let us look at the rise of China, which not only fills the sphere of influence of Russia in Central Asia but also begins to narrow the US. Moscow will have to face real humiliation and become a masochist, showing warm feelings for the new hegemon.

Now Washington and Beijing square off with each other.

But we are talking about two giants wringing, and later they would form new world architecture. And there would no place for Russia. Our Kremlin propagandists still mutter about the future alliance of Russia with China. The Chinese are building their superpower.

One of the Chinese globalist projects is called harmlessly "One Belt - One Way." In fact, this is Beijing’s desire to create a transport and economic infrastructure that would connect Asia, Europe, and Africa in order to advance China’s interests.

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Europe argues about whether Russian gas flow would become Moscow’s instrument of influence, refusing to notice that European facilities are in the Chinese hands.

More importantly, China seduces the world with a leadership model, which differs from the Soviet or Russian one. Moscow has always tried to forcefully influence. Kremlin continues this tradition, frightening the world with its rockets. The Chinese are promoting their version of globalization and open borders to goods and services.

They form leadership based on an economic and technological breakthrough that should force the world to voluntarily accept the Chinese rules of the game.

By 2025, China should produce 70% of all the world microchips. The Chinese are investing 223 billion USD in the development of science and technology, which makes up 20% of world spending on science and research. For comparison: Russia ranks 124th in terms of the availability of the latest technologies, and 126th in terms of technology utilization. Russia spends 1.14% of its budget on innovative developments.

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However, China does not refuse from keeping military power. The Chinese are heavily arming. By 2023, China’s military budget should exceed $ 300 billion (today, the PRC’s military budget is 152 billion USD, and the Russian military budget is 46 billion USD). Recently, China has experienced a powerful non-nuclear bomb that looks like a warning.

We are entering a new world. The US was the leader of the current world, which we are leaving, complaining of inequality and humiliation. We will recall these times with nostalgia, the times of the US hegemonism.

There would be something that we have not yet experienced before. Russian pride would be neglected. We have yet to see how China to impose its leadership on us.

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P.S. By the way, World Economic Forum in Davos is a good barometer of political trends. Davos does not care about Russian oligarchs. Western leaders feel indifference to Davos. Davos is always looking at the Chinese position.

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