How Ukrainian politicians manipulate the victims of fallen banks

Author : Oleksandr Moyseyenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Politicians are trying to use of depositors to their advantage. Protests planned for Tuesday will be beneficial not only for the investors, but for various politicians, including pro-government
23:27, 15 November 2016

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Social media overflow messages that people are paid money and transported to Kyiv paid for protesters.

October 15, 2016 should start a new phase of active destabilization in Ukraine - from protests "cheated depositors and borrowers."

This scenario involves the so-called plan of "Crank" - a plan of undermining the situation in Ukraine, Ukrainian hackers who allegedly removed from the mailbox adviser to Russian President Vladislav Surkov.

The "plan" states that the purpose of the protests is to disrupt the introduction of visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU, and promote early parliamentary elections.

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The SBU claims that their intelligence claiming that coincide with the content of the above "plan." Although many experts assumed the idea that a "fake" that tries to use the current government.

In mid-October, Serhiy Taruta struck with a sharp criticism of the Head of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva. She was accused of all possible troubles that occurred recently with the banking system. A few weeks later picked up the baton from Taruta leader of the "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko and her political force.

Tymoshenko is already known assistant of the deceived depositors. She promises to help them almost before each election since 2009. Following the meeting of depositors and borrowers Tymoshenko has said that there can be only one way out - the resignation of the head of the NBU and Managing Director of Deposit Guarantee Fund Konstantyn Vorushylin. Term is November15. In case of default ultimatum leader of the "Fatherland" promised to bring people to the streets.

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Tymoshenko is not the only politician who suddenly began to look after the fate of defrauded investors. Ever since it announced an ultimatum, with investors began to actively contact Olexander Vilkul from the Opposition bloc. "For Life" party also joined the campaign where the main actors are MPs Vadim Rabinovich and Yevgeny Murayev.

The latter even before the expiration of the ultimatum, that is, until 15 November, held rally near the NBU. For its coverage Rabinovich attracted own media resource. The meeting lasted only 14 hours. At

In any case, despite the opinion of investors, according to our sources, during the week before the expiration of the ultimatum, the regional headquarters of Fatherland received command to organize the transportation of people in Kyiv. These people were not the real investors. The total number of depositors who lost their money, according to the NBU is about 120 thousand people.

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At the same time Tymoshenko states about 4 million Ukrainians who lost their money. One more important thing, usually outdoor activity of 200+ investors is quite low. In recent years, numerous rallies of their participation were not held. The total number of depositors of the bank, but rather financial companies, which attracted funds under the name "Mykhailivsky" is about 15 thousand people. As is known, the above investors do not qualify for reimbursement of 200 thousand UAH from the Guarantee Fund since the funds attracted financial companies that are not members of the DGF.

That is largely depositors whose deposits do not exceed 200 thousand UAH, and they are more prone to street protests. However, to neutralize them, Bankova decided to play in advance.

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Back in August Poroshenko personally promised depositors of "Mykhailivsky" that will help. Then he said he gave the order to create the appropriate interagency working group. Also, the president stressed that the money will be found guilty and will be punished.

Although, actually, Poroshenko has no authority to give any orders to create working groups. From AP received a corresponding letter to the Cabinet where and undertook the establishment of such a group. It could create a few months, but last week it held the first meeting.

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Finally, Bankova decided not to wait time between the working group. November 14, Poroshenko submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on the protection of defrauded depositors of banks that applies to pay depositors "Mykhailivsky."

Currently perpetrators to justice, and the money just is not found, but in a way Bankova actually cut off 15,000 potentially the most active protesters. Price issue budget of approximately 1.2 billion.

Obviously, no bank depositors "Mykhailivsky" build quality numerical rally will be much more difficult.

If the question of Mykhailivsky is a little more than one billion, the question of 200+ investors is ten billion.

Some of these policies investors simply do not notice, but others seek to use them to their advantage. Meanwhile, over the past two years only among depositors Delta Bank was done 10 cases of suicide.

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"The solution we see in the legislation. For this reason, on behalf of Delta Bank depositors proposal we submitted legislative initiative to change the priority of creditors in the liquidation procedure of the bank," said the head of Union depositors of JSC Delta Bank Roman Badalis.

The point is that the money from the sale of bank assets should be directed, above all, to return the stolen money from investors, not the state.

We asked Badalis would participate in protests on November 15, he replied: "Only in support of the bill to change the order if it is filed."

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"Our NGO representing over 800 depositors whose deposits exceed 200 thousand UAH. In this process we are interested not so much replacing one surname to another as real mechanisms for the return of our deposits. We understand that there is no money, but we want to develop alternative mechanisms for compensation For example, investors could provide some tax benefits," says the chairman of the Ukrainian association of consumer protection financial and banking Oleksiy Luponosov.

However, most likely, the protests on November 15 will be with completely different slogans. As protesters will haul basic political forces which are not interested investors, especially 200+ and elections and undermining the political situation.

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The political forces that organize this action actually play on the side of power. Their calls for political will easily repel the mass media. They are also likely to distract attention from the real abuses of the NBU. But who are these meetings dividends will not do, so it's a real bank depositors.

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