How Tillerson's visit to Moscow became a defeat for Russian "superpower"

Author : Bohdan Yaremenko

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The current reaction of the Russian Federation to missile attack was just impotent anger. After all, the missiles still hit the target, and Russia could not oppose anything to it
22:11, 13 April 2017

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Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

As soon as we seemingly got used to the fact that Russia has military potential that cannot be ignored by any country in the world, including the US ...

As soon as we saw a little bit funny Russian aircraft carrier, listened to three years of lectures on "laughing Iskanders" and modern Russian air defense means …

As soon as it seemed that with this disaster one must learn how to live and survive…

And then the Tomahawks flew, which allegedly did not hit the target. And after them Tillerson arrived.

Until recently, it was believed that Rex Tillerson was supposedly so pro-Russian that he even received the Order of Friendship of Peoples personally from Putin's hands. But...

The superpowers do not host the foreign ministers of countries that have just conducted a missile strike on them or on their interests.

This would not be done even by superpowers, if they have pride.

The superpowers do not allow foreign ministers on their territory to make a public ultimatum like: are you with Syria or with the US?

And although it is technically a little more difficult, even publicly discussing the topic – “you deceived us about Syrian chemical weapons or are simply incompetent” (incompetent fools - it was not heard, but meant) - this should not be allowed by superpowers too.

18 years ago in the history of the Russian Federation there was a similar episode. When NATO began bombing Yugoslavia, Russian Prime Minister Evgeniy Primakov flew to Washington. Over the Atlantic, he turned back the aircraft and returned to Moscow, demonstrating that after using force against the Russian ally of Yugoslavia, he has nothing to talk with the US.

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And now the force (bombardment) is applied not only against another ally of Russia - Syria, but also against Russia itself, whose military are helping the Syrian army.

The Russian political tradition and Putin's image would have to force them to cancel the visit.

But the current reaction of the Russian Federation to the missile attack was just impotent anger. After all, the missiles still hit the target, and Russia could not oppose anything to it.

A few days ago on the air of the Fifth Channel we discussed this topic with Ilya Novikov, who remarked that all this is nonsense, because Putin will explain everything differently to the Russians. I could not resist and in response I noticed that Russians traditionally tend to exaggerate the significance of what Putin explains to them and what they think differently about.

After all, the whole world sees the current situation with the "weak superpower".

Not only Ukrainians see the situation which could inspire them to liberate the Motherland from the Russians even more actively. This is seen not only by Europeans, who already seem to made not only conclusions about what Russia is, but also plans for what to do with it.

But even Kazakhs, Belarusians and Armenians see this.

Putin is bluffing. In international relations, he behaves like a school bully - he clings, presses, portrays himself as cool. But if you demonstrate a real power against him or, God forbid, after someone's rebuff he will shed blood - and it becomes clear that this is just a miserable notorious creature.

And if Putin and Russians are not able or do not want to see the sad truth about themselves - that they are economically and technologically insignificant, and in military terms can be strong, but only while it does not concern Americans, - it will only make their future more difficult.

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