How much do Ukrainian soldiers earn?

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This year, the cash collateral for the Ukrainian military has been finally increased
10:48, 29 March 2019

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This year, the cash collateral for the Ukrainian military has been finally increased. From April 1, it will increase for the military on the front lines and military personnel serving in the waters of the Sea of Azov.

Last year, the Defense Ministry sounded the alarm: the army was losing officer cadres. The wages did not correspond to the inflationary processes and the rapid rise in prices in the country, experienced officers, and those who had combat experience, went back to civil life to get more decent incomes to private companies.

In the beginning of summer, a letter to Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak to the Cabinet of Ministers published in the media said that from January to June, 11,000 officers and contract servicemen, who had combat experience (they had the right to dismissal from military service), left the army, and by the end of the year dismissal of another 18,000 took place.

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense did not confirm the accuracy of the letter published in the media but did not deny it either. In response to the request of, the press service of the Ministry of Defense reported: "Studies conducted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine indicate that the monetary allowance of military personnel must ensure competitiveness in the labor market, taking into account the workload, the risk to life and other factors that occur during military services should also increase as social standards increase in the state, thereby encouraging military personnel to enter into contracts for the military service."

Opportunely, high government offices have realized the tragic situation with military salaries and the threats possible in the context of the war with Russia. In September 2018, when adopting the state budget for 2019, the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) decided to increase expenditures to ensure an average increase in the amount of cash support for military personnel compared to 2018, by 30%. They also decided to ensure the payment of cash security to military personnel under the contract of the first year of service not less than 350 USD per month. Taking this into account, Ukraine’s budget provides the Ministry of Defense with expenditures for the payment of cash security to servicemen in the amount of 1,75 billion USD. Compared with 2018, the cash support fund for 2019 was increased by 41% to 543 million USD.

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In February, the military began to receive increased payments. In 2019 they would get be twelve increased amounts of cash security. The increase in the size of the monthly provision of military personnel was carried out by increasing the allowance for military service, the monthly premium. According to the decision of the Ministry of Defense, in 2019, the minimum amount of allowance for features of the service was set at 65% (last year 10%) of salary, salary for military rank, and premium for long service.

Depending on the military service, the size of the extra charge increases to 100% (for example, doctors, driver-mechanics of tanks, self-propelled howitzer-artillery units, infantry fighting vehicles, ground aviation personnel, crew, paratroopers, special forces, pilots). This will allow increasing the cash security from 140 USD to 190 USD, compared with 2018. The average size of cash security in 2019 of the ground forces contract soldier amounts to 400 USD, and the junior officer gets 550 USD.

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Also this year, the in units of the Special Operations Forces, Air Assault Troops, Marine Corps of the Naval Forces, and crews of surface ships (ships, boats) get an increased monthly premium. These are categories of the military, whose passage of service is associated with a high risk to life and an increased level of psychological, emotional and physical exertion. This increase is not applied to military personnel serving in positions in the headquarters of military groups and support units.

At the same time, remuneration to those, who participate in actions in Donbas, would be increased. As of now, these amounts are 350 USD per month for those who serve on the first line of defense, and 160 USD per month in other areas of the Joint Forces Operation. This situation should change in April. In early March, Stepan Poltorak, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, has signed an order to increase the allowances to the cash security of servicemen from the frontline.

Their total monthly wages would 430 USD. The military, who serve on the second line of defense, would get 200 USD of the monthly cash security.


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