How does the true democracy work?

Author : Serhiy Fursa

Source : 112 Ukraine

Elite and intellectuals determine the development of the country. When there is no elite or no understanding of how to behave, there is no development
15:01, 18 March 2016

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90% of people are idiots. In all countries. But democracy works. In a miraculous way. Countries develop and go forward, and a political natural selection does not allow bad people to come to power, hindering development. 90% of people do not understand the economy and they are willing to believe in fairy tales and conspiracy theories. Populists can sometimes win, sometimes have an influence, but eventually they are demolished. Or tolerated. As a result, the U.S. government and major European countries constitute the appropriate people. Stimulating economic development and accumulating wealth.

Of course, here we can talk about the institutions. But first, they need to be built. And for this purpose adequate people are needed. And secondly, if the ruling party is infected with idiocy, they would not have helped. But no matter many inadequate people are there in a normal country, they never find a representative at the top. Even when the idol of infantile US post-crisis youth dreaming about socialism, communist Bernie Sanders is gaining popularity, he cannot become a president. As well as psycho Trump to lose in favor of adequate Clinton.

It is provided not only by democracy itself. The guarantor is the development of elite, aristocracy, business leaders, who stand for the progressive development. And then all those who interfere with this development, just do not come to power. Never. Even for the sake of competition, no one of a responsible elite will allow populists to become president. In order to avoid revolution, they had to introduce universal suffrage. It is increasing the risk of populist victories, relying on cattle. It is a conscious decision, which promotes good growth. But it is accompanied by elites that govern potential winners and do not allow inadequate destructive forces to win elections.

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Elite seeks to ensure that the country had the rules are equal for all. Because it is profitable. Beneficial to all of them. Especially big capital. Elite beneficial to the country had credibility as those of its own citizens, as well as abroad. Credit citizens' trust allows you to set the rules and make them nezyblennymi. Credit trust in the country to foreign players increases the volume of trade and finance, which increases the capitalization of all assets in the country.

This elite does not allow its members to make a decision and then cancel it. Appropriate members of the elite, to achieve the high status in the world centers, do not come back home and do not accept the Committee's decision to return the special regime of VAT to farmers, which allows to restore the circuit. As if no one in the IMF would not even notice.

Only cheaters do so. Indeed, cheaters can form the elite, starting with piracy, but becoming an elite, they should forget about the first profession. Because otherwise they will be just gamblers. And no more.

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This elite does not allow people to manage the economy, speaking in terms of the last century. The phrase "points of growth" chopped off the career of any politician, trying to manage the economy. Freaks and fools are needed. However, they can control the Ministry of Culture, but not the economy. Although, in the good, the Ministry of Culture is a total misunderstanding.

Elite and intellectuals determine the development of the country. When there is no elite or no understanding of how to behave, there is no development. This is a simple rule, which assumes responsibility for groups of people, for the country and for their own financial situation. The latter is the main motivation. Because you can steal forever. But in the end everybody would be left with nothing. One or two people can hope that they will grasp and escape, but not a class of people. And the development of Ukraine now depends on how quickly it formes a class, conscious of itself and its own interests. So far, even if they do exist, they are foolish and destructive, and rather than simply increase the value of its assets 10 times, they continue to play a useless game. And while they do this, Ukraine is obliged to borrow the elite from the United States. And while domestic elite has not been formed, external control seems to be good, but it does not matter. And deadlines, on visa-free regime and the IMF loan are the only mechanism causing the state and government to work. It is a pity that only a foreign elite does not have time, desire, and effort to be spent on this economic pygmy.

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