How American journalist put Poroshenko in awkward position by one question

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In fact, the whole level of Ukraine's current support from the US is secured by pressure put on Trump for his relations with Russia, and Poroshenko in an interview says he does not see these ties
22:34, 21 June 2017

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In fact, the most interesting part of Poroshenko's visit to Washington is an interview with FOXNEWS. This is a very supportive for the Republicans nationwide news channel.

It is evident (and commendable) that Poroshenko was well prepared for the interview.

All the phrases are well thought out and honed. Even such an attempt to joke, slightly jam Trump: "If describing it with one word, then the meeting was - great “(a word that in the political rhetoric is clearly overused by Trump).

The main messages: I am a peacemaker, Putin is an aggressor. The figures of the Russian military presence inclusive with Crimea (which, you will agree, are rarely heard from Poroshenko). Illustration that there is more Russian equipment in Donbas than the Bundeswehr has. Other examples. Trying to give examples of economic cooperation. Everything is right and professional.

But, of course, for the journalist of this channel the most important question is: what does Poroshenko think about the investigation of Russian interference in the American elections and Trump's obstruction of justice in this matter? He beautifully brings Ukrainian president to this question. First, finding out that Poroshenko does not trust Putin that large numbers of Russian troops are still in Ukraine.

Having found out in general terms that Putin is still a bad person, the journalist is moving on to his main question - well, so what - is Trump really a friend of this man? Of course, the wording is completely different, but the essence is like this.

And here another curtain opens over the current trip of Poroshenko to Washington. Apparently, by direct undisguised flattery and compliments Poroshenko decided to make friends with Trump. Well, perhaps it is believed that in this way we will close a very ambiguous story with Manafort.

Poroshenko slyly says that he would not like to somehow influence or be involved in legal procedures (such a disclaimer), but President Trump does not seem to have any bad relations with the Russians ...

That is, having declared about unwillingness to get into a delicate legal situation, Poroshenko just sticks into political ambiguity.

As for me, it’s a very weak and counterproductive phrase. In fact, the entire level of Ukraine's current support from the US is secured due to pressure put on Trump for relations with Russia. And this campaign is far from the end. And although the impeachment of Trump does not yet look like the most likely scenario, no one now can predict how this will end.

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And until it is over, it seems very profitable for Ukraine, that Trump has a need to justify himself. But why one should justify him? Moreover, why doing this so straightforward and unclear? Especially since we do not know much about the nature of Trump's relationships and communications and his surroundings with the Russians.

After all, explain to me, how does he need to look so that the connection with the Russians was obvious? Russian military uniform and a parachute behind his back?

The more puzzling this part of the conversation looks against the background of Poroshenko's good preparation for the interview. He could also find streamlined formulations like "we talked about supporting Ukraine." And then - think for yourself.

But at least one of the main plans of the visit was revealed. If Justin Trudeau started looking for approaches to American President through Ivanka Trump, President Poroshenko decided to charm Trump personally with a cavalry assault. This is noticeable not only in interviews, but also from his communication with the US president overfilled with compliments.

To charm Trump ... Well, if it works out...

And if not? After all, President Trump does not belong exactly to the circle of our supporters. But his opponents - most often are our friends.

So as for me, today not playing into "Trump support", is just as important as last year it was not to play in "supporting Hillary Clinton."

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