Goodbye, the ozone hole!

Author : Oleksiy Bondarev

Source : 112 Ukraine

The Montreal Protocol of 1987 works! The ban on certain substances containing chlorine lead to to the early recovery of the ozone layer
12:04, 5 July 2016

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1) Mysterious death of an American who has entrusted his life to Tesla Model S autopilot, forced the skeptics to believe that the advent of unmanned car is very far.

40-year-old Joshua Brown was killed because his electric car did not notice the truck on its way.

American authorities reacted immediately. Traffic Service announced the start of an investigation of the incident. Tesla Motors, in turn, promises to contribute fully to determine the cause of the accident and, if necessary, make adjustments to the work of the autopilot.

2) In the midst of this scandal German carmaker BMW stated that in 2021, in partnership with the US company Intel, it will begin production of fully autonomous unmanned vehicles. The third partner in this alliance will be Mobileye company, which manufactures automotive safety systems.

Model, the Alliance will release in 5 years, will be called BMW iNext. It is assumed that it will be a sedan, equipped with an electric motor. In other words, it is a direct competitor of Tesla Model S.

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3) French government has made a real sensation during automotive news week.

Paris City Hall has decided to partially forbid the cars older than 1997 to enter the city. 

The ban will operate from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays. Violators to pay a fine of 35 euros. At night and on weekends the owners of the old cars will be able to freely move around Paris.

The purpose of the ban is to reduce the amount of harmful emissions and clean air of the French capital. The cars that do not meet Euro-2 environmental standards would be removed during the rush hours.

4) Some people still do not believe in global warming and think that fighting against it is something useless. People think that the environmental regulations (which increase the price for thee cars and the fuel) are evil only because their dramatically affect their wallet.

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That innovation of Parisian government was called idiocy, designed to make people spend money on the new cars. Despite this skepticism, the common sense in the world still wins.

The ozone hole over Antarctica is getting smaller. According to a study of Australian scientists, the total area of ​​the ozone hole between 2000 and 2015 declined by 4 million km.

Scientists suggest that the Montreal Protocol, adopted in 1987, contributes to the “healing” processes. This agreement banned chlorofluorocarbon production. Gradually the level of chlorine derivatives in the atmosphere have decreased, which led to the “healing” of the ozone hole.

The complete ozone recovery is still far away; it expected to take place in the middle of this century. Although there are some skeptics who say that the hole is becoming smaller by itself, not through the efforts of the humanity.

Haters are going to hate; the main thing for us is to keep optimistic.

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